My feelings are my guide – your weekly affirmation

weekly affirmation Sep 22, 2016

My feelings are my guide.

Wayne Dyer said “You’ll see it when you believe it”.  He’s talking about the art of manifestation that allows you to bring anything you want into your experience. You’ve probably heard it the other way, “I will believe it when I see it”. When dealing with the Law of Attraction, the opposite is true.

We really do have to believe it first to be able to see it. That’s why athletes visualize their athletic performances. This is also why people have vision boards or dream boards.

What if your reality is far away from the reality that you wish you had? Is there something you can do if there is no evidence on the horizon to support what it is that you are dreaming about?

Yes!! Read on.

How to believe it before you see it

Have you ever wondered how to do that? How do you wondered how people manifest? And why some people are able to get whatever it is that they talk about that they want? It’s very simple. You can do it too.

Your feelings are a barometer. These  feelings tell you exactly how you’re feeling, which tells you what what vibration you have. This tells you what you’re attracting into your experience. If you have positive feelings, you are in the flow and you are attracting things that match those feelings to cause more of the same. In other words, when you’re feeling positive feelings, you were attracting positive things into your life and into your experience. So what happens if you’re feeling negative things, and you want to turn it around?

How to turn around your feelings (if you need to)

The simplest way I have found to turn this around is based on a tip from Jerry and Ester Hicks who taught us the teachings of Abraham and the Law of Attraction. Don’t try to manage your emotions. Instead, ask yourself how you want to feel? What do you want to experience? If you’re feeling blue, ask yourself how you want to feel. Most of us want to feel joy. Most of us want to feel loved. Most of us want to feel excepted and free.

By tuning into what it is that we *want* to feel, you actually change your vibration and begin to pull in new things into our experiences that match. When you’re feeling something negative, it’s an indication that you simply need to turn things around. Focus on something different …and more positive …to pull something new and more positive into your experience.

This is why tuning into what you’re feeling is so important. Want you to know into your feelings and allow yourself to really feel whatever it is you’re feeling. You can begin to control your emotions. You can control your vibration. It is possible for you to control with coming into your experience. Like most things in life, this isn’t easy but it is very simple.

Another simple suggestion, do something fun! The positive emotions you generate will really help you turn things around.

Your affirmation

My feelings are my guide.

I hope you have a great week!! For help activating the Law of Attraction, you might enjoy the Manifesting Miracles class I am offering. Spiritual life coaching sessions are also available.

All my love,