Miracles…where gratitude and intention intersect

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Miracles… where intention and gratitude intersect

For just a few moments, I invite you to slow down. Take a deep breath allowing the oxygen to reach every corner of your being. Maybe allow your shoulders to relax just a bit as you breathe out. Perhaps you do this a couple of times to feel your body begin to relax and settle into this moment. We are going to be talking about miracles in this blog post and how miracles relate to gratitude and intention.

To illustrate this concept, allow me to share a story

I moved to SE Boise in November of 2004 and settled in a large apartment complex on a street that was close by shopping, a grocery store, a high school, an elementary school, parks, the greenbelt path and more. This quickly became the very favorite place I’d ever lived. Everything I needed for daily life was within walking or biking distance. My daughter was three at the time and we frequently would attach the bike trailer to my bike. We took bike trips to the post office, grocery store, park, zoo and library. Every day we took daily walks to get out of our apartment no matter the weather and we would often find ourselves walking past the high school and elementary school.

I would often think to myself how wonderful it would be to be able to teach at that elementary school in SE Boise. This is important and I’m going to come back to that idea of teaching in that elementary school in a bit. We stayed in that apartment for a few years. Later, we moved from that part of SE Boise into the first house my daughter’s dad and I bought in Boise in a large subdivision on the outskirts of SE Boise. This subdivision was literally on the edge of town.

Our lifestyle changed and we began to have to drive everywhere because our subdivision was far enough from what we needed that it was impractical to bike or walk. It would have taken a little over an hour to walk to the same part of town we’d been living in. But no matter… we liked our new subdivision a lot. In fact, we still live in that subdivision almost 10 years later although we live in a different house.

This week, I had an “a-ha” moment

Early this week, the sensor in my car went off indicating that one of my tires had low pressure. I’ve taken a new teaching job in SE Boise so I knew where a trust worthy and close-by tire place was located. When I got to the tire store, I learned that my tire wasn’t just low but that it had been punctured by a nail. I needed to leave my car for a few hours. So I dropped my car off with them for the day and began to walk to my new school. And then, I realized something pretty incredible.

I was walking the same sidewalks I’d begun walking in 2004. I was walking along the same street, by the same Starbucks, by the same high school to my new school….which was the exact same elementary school I’d walked by and dreamed about teaching in all those years ago. It literally took my breath away when I realized that I was now walking to work to the very same school where I had wanted to teach. For some silly reason, it took me walking to work that day to put it all together. I felt like a light bulb went off and I was nearly overcome with gratitude. I started thinking about what it had taken to get me to this point.

It all starts with gratitude

I’ve enjoyed every place I’ve taught in Boise and the people within each school are truly amazing. I’ve made long-lasting friendships with my colleagues and families. Last year in particular, I found myself in a place of deep gratitude for teaching where I was teaching. Every day, I would make a point to feel thankful and express gratitude to my colleagues, families, students and friends about how lucky I felt to be teaching in that school. I am convinced it was being in a place of deep gratitude that allowed my dream of teaching in that elementary school in SE Boise to come to fruition and physical manifestation through the Law of Attraction.

How to activate the Law of Attraction in your life

This is very simple. Now keep in mind, simple is not the same thing as easy. There are some parts of this process that do take effort but they aren’t the parts most people think.

  1. Set an intention. Decide what it is you want to do, be or have in your life.
  2. Let it go. For me, this is the most difficult step. It’s easy for me to get caught up in impatience and think things like “if this is going to work, it would have worked by now.” Sometimes, our impatience is the very thing that slows down manifestations. When we just let go, that’s when the universe can really begin to do her thing. You don’t know yet that I’d applied for the job at the school where I’m teaching 4 years ago and was told by my supervisor I wouldn’t be a good fit there. I wasn’t even put on the hiring manifest. It was only after I let it go that it was able to happen.
  3. Steep yourself in deep gratitude. Be grateful for what you have, for who is in your life, for the opportunities you have. Gratitude is like telling the universe, “I’d like more of this, please.”
  4. From time to time step back and examine where you are. If I wouldn’t have been forced to slow down this week with the nail in my tire and walk to my school, it would have taken me a lot longer to figure out I’m in the exact school I’d hoped to teach at nearly 13 years ago. Take a moment to examine your life. What’s in it now that you’ve been dreaming, hoping and praying for? That puts you back in the position of gratitude which can further your dreams.
  5. Give yourself permission to love this moment. No matter where you are or what is happening in your life, give yourself permission to absolutely love this moment. Find the good. Feel the gratitude. Then bask in the joy.

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