Meditation for Intuition

Sep 05, 2017

Learning to tap into our own intuition allows us to better connect with The Divine. It doesn’t matter what words you use… God, The Universe, Source, Spirit, Jesus, Buddha… simply choose The Divine you most resonate with and feel most comfortable with.

Often we already have the information we need within us. We just need to clear away the chaotic energy within our own minds to connect to our own intuition and better communicate with The Divine. Once you begin to open this connection (or maybe you already have a connection – if so, this will help you even more!) you’ll find that you are more willing to listen to the inner voice within.

Some call that voice our Inner Guide. Oprah Winfrey calls is our Inner GPS. Gabrielle Bernstein calls that voice our ING (short for inner guidance system). I like to think of it as the Divine Wisdom.

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Blessings, love and light to you!