Looking for ways to be more creative? Here are three!

monday blogs Feb 12, 2017

Looking for ways to be more creative?

Our lives often mirror the seasons. Winter is a time of hibernation where we turn inward. Just like the leaves on the trees, we have buds within us that we are nurturing during the winter season with very little growth visible to the naked eye. As spring begins to emerge, so does our winter growth. For most of us, we feel an energy begin to pulse within us as we notice the days growing longer and the sun being more intense here in the Western hemisphere.

The energy can throw us into chaos often known as spring fever or we can channel it. When we channel this spring energy, we become powerful creators and do some amazing creative work. This can be a great time to brush up your resume, reorganize your house, dive deeper into a relationship, or make plans to take some classes in something that interests you. But have you ever come out of the long winter filled with energy and wondered what in the world to do next? There are so many options! How could you possibly decide? Well, you would need some clarity. There are some very simple ways to gain clarity.

Three ways to shift chaos into being creative

  1. Seek inspiration in what is around you. Go outside. Walk a new path, hike a new trail or drive a new route home. Maybe visit a museum or gallery you’ve been interested in checking out. Browse in a store you’ve had your eye one. Try that cute restaurant. Book that trip. By doing something new and exciting, you are creating new neuro-pathways. Your brain literally is creating new connections and this can really ignite creativity.
  2. Take a break. Rest is essential in creating clarity where there has been chaos. When we are tired (either mentally or physically) we are not thinking clearly. Rest can look any way to you that feels good. Take nap, doze on the couch while you watch TV, watch a movie, draw a hot bath, listen to music… whatever helps you to unwind is a good thing!
  3. Ask for clarity and creativity. The Universe is amazing. It is my belief that The Universe/God/Source/Spirit (or whatever name you most relate to) wants you to be happy and to have good things. It is also my belief that our Higher Power has the ultimate respect for our free will. This means that God/The Universe/Source/Spirit will not intervene unless and until we ask for help (barring life and death emergencies). Please know that it is safe for you to ask for what you want and need. You deserve to have happiness, contentment and love….and to be more creative.

Being creative is so much fun! Even if you aren’t the creative type, being more creative can add a little more spice to your life.

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