Is there a reset button for life? YES!! Boise Spiritual Teacher

a glimpse into my life boise self-care Mar 27, 2016

Where is the reset button? Does life have a reset button? Absolutely!

The trick is that just like your electronics, the reset button is hard to see or maybe even invisible. Not being able to find or see the reset button does not diminish the need for a reset. Ever blown a fuse or tripped a breaker? Like your breaker, just because you can’t find it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be reset.

The advantage electronics have over us is that they will literally not function when in need of a reset. People on the other hand? Well.. we can function. We won’t function well or happily, but we can function without a reset. We will make mistakes. We become impatient. We feel stressed and overwhelmed. Yes, we can function like that.  But my question is, why would you want to?

Sometimes we need to just hit reset. We need to reset our priorities. Reset our goals. Reset our intentions. We need to examine our motives and our relationships. We need to rest. We need to carve out time to just be.

There are countless ways we can reset ourselves. The best way that I have found to hit the reset button is to become totally immersed in something that takes me out of my own head. Maybe you can relate. When I’m at my most tapped out, most tired, most stressed, most emotional, most overwhelmed, most overwrought I get stuck up in my head. Yes, I feel those things just like you. This means I am capable of overthinking just about anything. The overthinking makes me doubt myself. It makes me question my decisions and question my ability to make decisions.

For many of us we get so stuck in own heads and wrapped up in our own thinking that we can’t see the bigger picture anymore. We’re thinking too much. We’re trying too hard. And we begin to spin our wheels. We add frustration to a growing list of things we are thinking about.

When this happens, it’s time to hit reset. I find that the best way to hit my own reset button is to completely immerse myself in something that either brings me joy, allows me to rest and recharge, or calms my monkey mind. When we allow ourselves to be totally immersed, we slip into the mindfulness moment, a moment that exists outside of space and time.

I know you’ve experienced this. You know, that moment where you lose track of all time and you exist only in this moment. Bewared, sometimes it happens accidentally. Ever sort of blink on your way home from work only to realize you don’t have a memory of parts of your drive? Mmm-hmm. Me, too. That’s a mind-less moment. That’s not what I mean. What I’m talking about that allows us to reset is the mind-full moment.

This can happen a lot of different ways for different people. For some people they can hit the reset button by spending the morning out fishing. They focus only on the quiet around them, the sounds of the water lapping on the shore, the birds singing in the tree, the wind rustling the branches. The smell of the damp undergrowth from the leaves near the bank. The slap of the water on the edge of the boat or dock.

Some people find their reset button in reading a book that they can disappear into. For a brief time, when lost in a great book, we don’t exist at all as ourselves. We are encompassed by the lives of the people on the pages we are reading. We become those people for the briefest time, feeling their feelings, hoping their hopes, dreaming their dreams. The stories of people on the page give us someone to relate to in our human experience. That’s why so many of us love to read. It’s a way to become more connected to ourselves as we connect with others.

Others hit the reset button by creating something beautiful, maybe it’s in crocheting or knitting, sewing, baking, or cooking. For these people time disappears around them as they immerse themselves into the craft of whatever they are creating. They disappear into the knitting needles, or the measuring cup cups. Others of us find the reset button exists out on the trails, where the crunch of gravel below our feet becomes the music in our ears.

The trick to becoming mindful is to be aware in the moment. We allow ourselves to fully experience this moment, in all of it’s imperfect glory. We accept ourselves. We accept our lives. We exist with what is without trying to control it or change it. Once we’ve become mindful, then if change needs to happen we can become change architects, but not before that mindful moment.

One way I use to hit my own reset button is yoga. In fact, this week, I was able to completely immerse myself in yoga for three days at a local Boise event called YogaFort. YogaFort is a part of the larger music festival called TreeFort.  This is the second year I’ve attended YogaFort. I find it to be a wonderfully soul filling experience. My dear friend, Cathy, and I have been able to go together these past two years. We practiced yoga with more than 150 other people in the Rose Room in downtown Boise. We sang sacred mantras. We made new friends and reconnected with beautiful friends from the Boise yoga community. We practiced with some AMAZING musicians and teachers.  Below this post are some iPhone photos of the event. Also at the bottom of this post I’ll add links to some fabulous music for any yogis following me.

So now I have a questions for you. I’d love to know… How do you hit reset? Please leave me a comment!!

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To each of the teachers and musicians at YogaFort 2016… Thank you. What an amazing three days you created for so many. Namaste.

To each of my readers, Namaste. (The divine in me recognizes the divine in you)

All my love,



The beautiful Jennifer Knight from Yoga Tree of Boise… musicians: Nann Violence.


My dear friend, Cathy and me… three “OM”-azing days


Fabulous musicians led us in a mantra workshop but also played for various yoga classes: You should check this music out! See links below. It carries you to new places.