If the shoe hurts….change it. Boise Spiritual Teacher

a glimpse into my life Mar 21, 2016

I love shoes. I mean, I really love shoes. I don’t know how many I have because that’s not important to me. I love having a pair of shoes that coordinates with each outfit, so I sometimes have a variety of heel heights in similar colors. You know… a pair of brown flats, brown sneakers, brown Mary Jane pumps, brown ankle strap heels, brown flat sandals, brown wedge sandals, brown heeled sandals, brown boots in a variety of shades and heel heights, etc. and then other colors for other outfits. I don’t go crazy buying shoes or boots, I take really good care of them and buy quality products so they last a long time.

A few days ago, I was preparing for an appointment. I wanted to wear flats so picked out a cute pair of pointy-toed, alligator vegan leather (isn’t that nice way to say that!?!) flats to match my outfit. Sometimes the assumption is that flats will be more comfortable. That was my assumption that day…and as I slipped them on my feet, I wondered to myself why it had been so long since I’d worn them.

My answer came quite quickly. Those super cute flats slipped just a little bit. Actually, they slipped more than a little. They moved around enough that after walking around the house getting ready for my appointment my feet were beginning to be uncomfortable. I kept thinking they would be fine, maybe it had just been too long since I’d worn them. That was not what happened.

My feet hurt where the shoe was slipping and a blister began to form. My toes began to cramp because I’d been trying to hold the shoes in place with my toes so they wouldn’t slip. I changed how I walked to make sure the shoes didn’t move. They sure looked cute! It was sort of ridiculous! How many pairs of shoes would have matched that outfit? Well.. several! And yet I spent 15 minutes trying to force this pair of shoes to work. (For the record, they are headed off to the donation bin this week!)

How many times do we do exactly the same thing in life? We COULD change our circumstances, but we continue to be in a situation that hurts, or is uncomfortable, or just doesn’t fit. We tell ourselves it isn’t worth the trouble or the inconvenience. Its obvious to anyone who watches that those shoes are uncomfortable or even painful. And yet…. We convince ourselves that its actually easier to stay just like we are, in that same situation, than it is to change. Is this really true?

Maybe, for a while, anyway. You know what they say; we don’t change until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change. But is the blister really worth it? I’m not so sure.

Yes, it does take time and effort to change your shoes just as it takes time and effort to change anything in your life. It can be inconvenient sometimes. You have to go back to your closet, try another pair, and see if they rub the same sore spot before you head back out into the world. But once you have the other pair on your feet, you realize that the pain from the first pair starts to dissipate. You are able to walk further and more quickly. You get the spring in your step back! People notice. People who might have avoided you when you were in pain reach out because you seem much more approachable.

The alternative…..blisters, painful muscles, discomfort, etc will also have an impact on you. You may find yourself grouchy because of the way you feel. You might repel people who won’t know how to handle your discomfort. Your patience will be shorter. Your tolerance is smaller for any annoyance. And the list goes on.

The moment, the very instant, you decide to make a change… people can feel it. They feel your energy shift. They want you to be supported in your efforts and will reach out to help. The universe will begin to conspire with you to make the change. You will feel better, stronger, happier, more empowered, and more grounded.

Will it take effort? Absolutely. But it will be worth it.

If you are looking for a spiritual running buddy to make changes in your life, maybe my “Empowered You” class would be a good fit for you. The thing that separates “Empowered You” from other workshops and seminars is that you are afforded time to do the work during the class sessions. We dive into topics like values, time management, forgiveness, finding what is blocking you, and more. Enrollment in the spring series is happening now. More information can be found by clicking here.

I’m offering two spring series, one that is only on Sundays and one that is only on Saturdays. Or…if you need, you can mix and match. I believe in my heart and soul in this class. The concepts taught are the same concepts and tools that took me from living in a domestic violence shelter in 2007 to where I am today…a business owner (two current businesses), a public school music teacher, a mom, friend, sister, daughter, and a homeowner.

I was depressed, suffering from PTSD, lonely, sad, and scared. One step at a time, one day at a time… I made subtle changes that have transformed my life. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve found success. I’ve found contentment. I’ve found my soul tribe and spiritual running buddies of my own. And I have a deep desire to teach what I’ve learned.

To wrap this blog post up, please give yourself permission to change your shoes if they don’t feel good. In fact, give yourself permission to change anything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

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Love and light to you!