Hungry? Think about this.

boise weekly affirmation Feb 23, 2017

Are you hungry?

First of all, don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you what to eat or not eat. Hunger isn’t necessarily about food. Of course, maybe you are literally hungry for food. Perhaps you are hungry for something else. Have you ever thought about what your behaviors may be trying to feed?

What are you trying to feed?

Many times when we look at our behaviors, we are trying to feed something. Are you adding more recreational time? More friend time? Buying new things you don’t need? Craving junk food? Wishing for more time with a loved one? Find yourself thinking about saving or spending money? What hunger are you trying to feed?

It might be a literal hunger for affection, companionship or physical nourishment…. a yearning for something you haven’t quite defined. When we are eating or indulging in anything, including activities, it is worth asking ourselves am important question. What is it we are trying to feed?

When we are feeding our sense of fun, or playfulness, or doing something to nourish your body or soul we are feeding the right thing. We will see this in improving or maintaining health, healthy finances, healthy and supportive relationships, and general happiness. When we begin to feed loneliness, despair, grief, shame, self-doubt, insecurity, boredom, or stress… We are making unhealthy choices that cause us to feel badly about our choices and can lead us to feel badly about ourselves. 

When we feed things for the right reasons (nourishing our bodies, spirits or soul) we are feeding the right things. We will come to reap the benefits of making those kind of choices. So as you’re planning your day or your week, I encourage you to ask yourself what you’re feeding. Are you feeding the parts of yourself that you want to be feeding?


All my love,