Here’s to healthy changes… and some recipes!

recipes Sep 09, 2019

Have you ever had those whispers from the universe or your angels about your diet or health? You know… about cutting down on certain things or adding in other things? I’ve been hearing those whispers a lot. My friend, Cathy, says that if you ignore those whispers, they get louder. And she’s right.

I eat cleanly: organics, lots of fruits and vegetables, occasional cheese, whole grains, eggs and once in a while I’ll have meat and sugar.  I went through a period of time where even though I ate healthfully I had one drink nearly every day….wine mostly but occasionally cocktails or beer. Some days on some occasions I had more than once drink.  The whispers started as thoughts about cutting back. Then my body spoke to me with the raging headaches with even one glass of wine.

In the past year, I was lead to cut back significantly on alcohol. Today, I rarely drink and only drink wine. No hard liquor or beer for me anymore.  I gave up most of my wine for tea. I was and am feeling happy about that progress. And then I heard another whisper….

The whisper said, give up gluten.

I ignored that whisper for quite some time. It kept coming back and I kept ignoring it. My weight has been slowly creeping up. And, to tell you the truth, I was a little scared and overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure I knew how to be gluten-free or what to do. But, as always, when you ask for help, it appears. Recently, I stayed with a friend who is gluten free who taught me how easy it is to eat gluten-free. I’m beginning my second week gluten-free. And it’s amazing!!

I noticed an immediate reduction in my body’s inflammation that was so significant it was rather shocking. I didn’t realize I had inflammation and discomfort as severely as I did until it was gone. And, I’m sleeping (mostly) through the night. That’s a big deal! I accidentally ate a tiny amount of gluten because I didn’t ask about the food during a lunch out this week and had such a strong reaction I’m more motivated than ever to stay gluten-free.

Have you been having intuitive nudges to change your eating or drinking habits? If you have, here is an idea that might make those changes seem less intimidating.

Why not give whatever nudge you have a try for just a week? Then, change back for a day and see if you feel a difference. If you feel a difference in a negative way from re-adding the food, you know that there are some more permanent changes you need to make.

So, while we are on the topic of making changes, maybe you can help me compile your favorite gluten-free recipes. Would you help? You can either comment directly on this post or send me a message. In a couple of weeks, I’ll put out another blog post with all of your ideas for favorite gluten-free recipes along with photographs from the recipes I make.

I’ll share one my friend, Rachael, shared with me:

Oatmeal (made in a gluten-free facility), blueberries, almonds, and a couple of tablespoons of full-fat coconut milk. Divine!


Here is to healthy living!! Cheers (clinking with the teacup my grandmother gave me in the photograph above)!!


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Love and light to you.


P.S. – I have another whisper I’m hearing about one more health change…. stay tuned on that one, it’s a big one.