Help. Can you offer AND accept it?

Apr 24, 2017

Soul Food…nourishment for your soul

Last week we talked about the new spiritual subscription program called “Soul Food” which will be launching in June 2017. This week we will talk about ways to reframe offering and accepting help.

Are you nicer to others than you are to yourself?

Last week’s post ended by asking you some questions about how you treat your self in comparison to how you treat others. Are you as nice to yourself as you are to other people? If not… Soul Food may be just the thing you’ve been looking for. I’ll put a link on the bottom of this post so you can revisit that.

This week I want you to think for a moment about help. Can you offer AND accept assistance…from people or from Heaven?

Offering and accepting help

My blog’s mission is to offer support to anyone who needs it, the mission is to serve. Soul Food is an amped up version of the blog offering talks, mediations, discussions and a community of like minded others for you to connect. Let’s think about the ways we might be more kind to others than ourselves.

How many of us jump up to help others? A lot of us! Do you feel fulfilled when you help? Does it make you feel good? Like you are contributing to others? It helps us to help others. Helping one another connects us as humans. That’s why it’s so much fun to be helpful!

Are you just as eager to receive help? Do you feel guilty or weak if you need help? Why? Knowing it feels so good to give…when you accept help from others you are giving them the gift of being able to give! How cool is that?!? I’ll put a link to a post about asking for help on the bottom of this post you’ll enjoy. Check it out.

We pray….”Help me”

So many times we pray, “Help me” to God/The Universe/Spirit. The only thing is… we have a specific kind of assistance in mind. Many times, we predetermine what it will look like, who it will come from and what the results will be. We might as well be handcuffing the universe when we try to control outcomes like that. By doing that, we are blocking the help. The same thing happens when we try to control the help we receive from people.

Soul Food will change your thinking in regard to accepting help not only from other people, but from your Higher Power. In June our focus will be on finding ways to care for ourselves in more loving ways. Each month, we’ll also address tips and techniques for learning to let go of controlling outcomes so that you can allow the Universe to do her thing. You’ll learn how to manifest quickly and find ways to let go of worry. Be sure you’re signed up for the newsletter so you’ll know when the subscription goes live!!

All my love,