Has a goal ever blinded you? A fix for that in this week’s affirmation!

weekly affirmation Sep 01, 2016

Has a goal ever blinded you?? I mean… have you ever been so focused on a goal you missed great things right in front of you?

Maybe you were so focused on losing weight you missed out on appreciating the beauty you have right now because of an obsession about the number on a scale. Maybe you were so intent on getting a promotion that you declined social invitations with people you love so you can work, and yet you miss them and feel lonely. Maybe you were so focused on a clean house you missed the chance to play in and appreciate the fort your kids built. I’m guilty of all of those at one time or another.

When setting a goal can be unhealthy 

There is a fine line between setting a goal with a definitive end point in mind and trying to control the outcome of your goal. When we set goals, we put on a deadline and give an outline for achieving them because it can help propel us forward. This is great when you’re dealing with something finite and regimented like a degree. For example, you might set a goal to obtain a particular degree or certification by a specific time. This is realistic because it’s planned and choreographed. The structure in in place to make this a healthy and realistic goal.

Sometimes, setting a deadline for or being very specific on a goal is not helpful. Sometimes, by setting a deadline or an outline for a goal we are actually limiting ourselves and limiting the universal flow. At this point, we are trying to control the outcome of our goal.

A personal story

Let me use an example from my personal life.

When I was living in the midwest (my whole life until 2004), I always said there were only two states I would NEVER live in. Idaho and I don’t remember the other one. Well… guess where I’ve lived for the past 12 years? Idaho.

I didn’t know much about Idaho except that I didn’t want to live there. But I set my intention one sultry summer day in Kansas City for a new place to live.  I loved Kansas City…but my former husband had just graduated and it looked like we needed to move for him to find a job in his field.

I made my wish list. I wanted to live somewhere with a huge variety of landscapes: mountains, valleys, trees, water, deserts. I wanted to live somewhere with friendly people. I had a desire to be near major shopping without the major commute. I wanted to be in a place where the focus was on quality of life rather than feeling like I was in a race. I REALLY wanted to live somewhere with a dry climate so I could be comfortably outside all year long. I love the heat, so I hoped for somewhere on the warmer side. I needed to get healthy and exercise, so I needed some place with bike trails, walking trails and hiking trails. I wanted to find my home.

When I moved to Idaho, I had NEVER been here. My former husband came out for an interview, liked it and snapped some photos of downtown Boise. Something felt right about it, so I agreed to move to Boise without ever having been. As I was driving to Boise for the first time on I-84, I had the powerful sensation that I was coming home. And I was! Boise has been my home for the past 12 years and I am absolutely in love with my city and the gorgeous state of Idaho.  I got EVERYTHING on my list!!

If I would have been in control, I wouldn’t have given this place a chance. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I have the best friends anyone could ask for, a job I love, a house I love, etc. It’s a good thing!
That’s why this weeks affirmation to set an intention, and then step back and of the universe to her thing.

Affirmation: I will set my intention and then step back and get out of the way, knowing the universe has my back.

Get out of your own way. Set intention. Then let things unfold. That’s where the magic will happen. What magic is next for you in your life??

All my love,


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