Harvest Time!! What will you allow yourself to harvest?

harvest time!! what will you allow yourself to harvest? dealing with change monday blogs positive thinking Sep 11, 2016

Fall is the season of harvest in nature. Fall is also a time of harvest in our lives. The seeds we have planted and nurtured as they have grown throughout the spring and summer are now producing fruit. This means we often find ourselves in the midst of transition come mid-September. The question I ask you is… what will you allow yourself to harvest this September?

Our ideas we have been nurturing have sprouted. The plans we have tended (I do mean plans and not plants) are beginning are coming to fruition. And many of us find ourselves in life changes. We have the opportunity as we harvest to make new plans and to plant new seeds in our lives.

Sometimes this feels empowering and exciting to us!! Sometimes this can feel frightening or overwhelming. How can we positively deal with change and transition?

Harvest what is… allow what is to be

When we focus on our harvest (both literal and metaphorical) this fall, keep your activity in mind. What did you do to support your goals? Were you working? Were you trying? Were you being reflective? If the answer if yes, then no matter what your harvest looks like, consider it a success!

If things haven’t turned out the way you hoped, it’s ok. Think about how far you have come toward your dream or goal! Consider where you started!

Spend time delighting in what you are harvesting: new friendships, new jobs, new chances to try something you have done before, existing friends, existing jobs…you get the point. Spend your time delighting in what IS and let go of what COULD be. Allow what is to exist. Allow what is to be, and be ok with that.

Set your sights on the next harvest. What can you do differently? What can you do the same? What can you embrace?

Are you ready to start planting some new seeds in your life? Maybe you are facing a major change and want to be purposeful about your next steps. Maybe you are looking to heal from a past hurt. It might be that you want to find a way to put yourself on your own priority list. Perhaps you want to spend some quality time getting to really know yourself so you can be more authentic in your relationships. Whatever your reason, if you are looking to plant new seeds, I invite you to check out “Empowered You.” This course if offered both in a class setting AND online. Please let me know if you have any questions!!

All my love!