Grounding: What it is and why it matters

feel better feeling good grounding guest blogger meditation video blog Dec 19, 2021

I see you: working hard to finish up year-end, wrapping gifts, trying to keep your perfectionism in check but also setting impossible standards for yourself. 

I was very intentional about choosing when this would go live.  I want you to have the best weeks of 2021 and that's possible when you get grounded. Being more grounded will help you navigate the stresses that come with the last two weeks of the year: year-end, holidays, expectations we put on ourselves, etc.

Getting grounded can improve every aspect of your life. It's easy, simple, and free.

As a special treat for you, this week I brought on a guest: my friend and mentor Cathy Kearns. I've provided a 20-minute video for you here of our conversation.

If you prefer an audio-only version, I've got you covered. 

Click here to go to the 20-minute audio-only version.

In this conversation we discuss...

  • Reiki - what it is and how it can be used
  • Getting better sleep
  • What grounding is
    • What it looks like if you AREN'T grounded (tired, drained, flightly)
    • How it FEELS if you aren't grounded (unfinished projects building up, trouble focusing, not as much joy)
    •  How to get grounded
  • We try a grounding meditation!! 
  • You can watch me get grounded and see/hear the difference.


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My mission.

My mission is to empower women to live their best lives. Share this with a strong woman you admire. When we are grounded, we are better versions of ourselves; more powerful and more authentic. 

Listen to your body. Your body is telling you something right now about what YOU need. Ask. And then give yourself what you need. You deserve it.

The people you love NEED you to feel your best - ditch the guilt you feel and give yourself what you need. If you have trouble ditching the guilt, you aren't alone. Start with a free checklist with 7 steps to ramp up your energy. It will help!