Free Preview! Get the first chapter of Inner Peace Prescription

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It’s true! I’m offering a free preview to my upcoming book, Inner Peace Prescription. Why, you might wonder?

Here’s the thing. There are a lot of people who are in abusive relationships of all kinds who DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. They have gotten so used to what they are enduring they think it’s normal. People make excuses for bad behavior, short tempers, unkindness and outright cruelty simply because they love the person who is behaving badly.

You might be wondering…. all kinds of abuse? How many kinds are there? Let’s start with the big ones (in no particular order): financial abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, control and emotional abuse. If you feel your hackles rising and yourself getting ready to defend someone, I invite you to keep reading.

Why? One in three women will experience physical abuse in her lifetime, one in four women will be sexually abused in her lifetime, and we don’t currently have any real statistics on financial abuse/emotional abuse/mental abuse because it’s so prevalent. If it isn’t you enduring abuse, it’s someone you know.

And guess what. She (or he!) is really good at hiding it. You might have suspicions your loved one isn’t happy. But until the abuser escalates to the point where you witness the abuse, it’s very likely that the person being abused has found a way to completely mask what’s happening. How do I know this? I was in an abusive marriage for 14 years. People saw us argue in public – all the time. But people didn’t know. Even my family was shocked – they knew we weren’t healthy or happy, but they didn’t know.

I’ve been out for nearly 12 years and have devoted myself to healing and becoming a full-time student of healthy relationships and the anatomy of abuse. This is how I intend to give back to the people and organizations that quite literally saved my life. I’m going to pay it forward by sharing my story in hopes it can help you or someone you love.

Many of you have been requesting to read anything I had ready to read of my upcoming book Inner Peace Prescription. This book is part memoir telling the story of how I came to realize I wasn’t in an unhappy marriage but an abusive one, and part self-help. There are a lot of things I learned as I rebuilt my life – my daughter and I left an entire life behind with only two suitcases. But most importantly, Inner Peace Prescription is to sow hope that now matter your circumstances, you can – at any time – create a life you life that fills you with joy and happiness. Regardless of whether or not you’ve endured abuse, this book is intended to sow the seeds of healing and hope.

I wasn’t quite sure how to get a free preview of some of the book in your hands but a couple of friends gave me an idea! I’ve added the preface, introduction and first chapter to my newly published book, Know Yourself (click here to check it out)

That’s right!! I’ve re-edited my new book “Know Yourself” to include the prologue, introduction and first chapter of “Inner Peace Prescription”which I’m anticipating having out this fall of 2019. 

If you purchased the Kindle version, simply update your copy to have these pages added to your copy.

If you purchased the paperback version, simply email me with your receipt and I’ll have a new copy mailed to you FOR FREE. I want you to have these pages. Email me at [email protected]