Five easy ways to promote social justice for the spiritually minded #bethelight

monday blogs positive thinking Nov 13, 2016

I had begun to write last Friday’s blog on social justice and social policy on Monday last week. I’m glad I did because after the election results came in, I was so devastated it was hard to think clearly.

I was devastated because I felt hopeless. I felt like our country slid back 60+ years in time and that the civil and reproductive rights my heroes like Gloria Steinem, Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcom X, and Helen Gurley-Brown were instrumental in forming in this country are in jeopardy.  And then… while I still felt unrest, I also felt something deep in my soul. I felt the urge to rise up.

Regardless of your political affiliation or views, this is not over. Hatred has not won, not when there are so many wonderful people like you in this world!! Together we can still make a difference.

How we can connect social justice and social policy to spirituality

I know you are spiritual in nature because something led you here – so I feel like I can talk freely about this. As a spiritual being, you are probably searching for a way to deal with the division that is present among our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens. You may not share my political views and that’s ok. Hopefully you share my views on humanity. If not, this might be a frustrating read for you.

Social justice and social policy are connected to spirituality because we are all connected. When one of us is hurting, we all are hurting. Sometimes we feel helpless, like I did on Wednesday morning. But there are ways we can make a difference no matter what we believe about politics! We need people from all political affiliations spreading love and light.

5 easy ways to difference in social justice and social policy while maintaining our spiritual focus

  1. Connect to your higher power or higher self. Gabby Bernstein, New York Times Bestselling Author and one of my spiritual teachers said, “If you don’t like your leader, learn to be lead by a Higher Power of your own understanding. And when you put that Power on the altar, you can trust that what you need to perceive these circumstances with grace and love and ease will be given to you.” You don’t have to have all the answers. Your Higher Power already has those answers and is taking care of it. Our job is to get out of our own way to connect to our Higher Power. (Disclaimer: No compensation was received for sharing this quote or linking this page)
  2. Rise up. Be compassionate, respectful and kind, but rise up. Make sure we are always kind and compassionate but rise up… with sophistication and class. If someone says something you don’t believe in, with respect and compassion, voice your feelings. You are entitled to your opinion and have a right to share it. But to be heard, you must do so with kindness, compassion and respect.
  3. Be willing to have high vibe conversations and only high vibe conversations. This is a hard one. It’s easy to get stuck in the gloom. But we can change our outlook and the people we are having conversations with if we keep it positive. Yes there are problems. But we need to be positive. The Law of Attraction tells us that what we think  about magnifies. You want more love in the world? Think more loving thoughts. I know it sounds trite, but it is true!
  4. If you hear hateful words or see hateful acts – say something! Insist that this is not ok. Be loud. Be kind and compassionate but defend those who might be victims of hate and fear. If you do or say nothing, you become part of the problem. We MUST insist that all humanity be treated with kindness and compassion. When you have the courage to stand up for someone, other people will gain from your courage and get some courage of their own.
  5. Get involved in any way you can and feel comfortable. Sign petitions. Volunteer for an event (doesn’t matter what! Just get out there with your love and light self and spread some love and light!). Join a peace march. Have a tough and respectful conversation with someone who has different view points. Stand up for people who are being treated hatefully. Be a safe place for others. Call or email your elected officials to express your viewpoints. Speak your truth. Rise up!

You are safe here

If you are a woman or a man, Black, White, Brown, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Gay, Straight, disabled, different, or marginalized in any way; you are safe with me. I want you here!!  Together we stand. WE are America.

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All my love…and light.