Don’t Force it – OR – How a stapler taught me to get in the flow…. Boise Spiritual Teacher

law of attraction monday blogs Apr 25, 2016

Have you seen these one finger staplers? Oh my gosh! For anyone putting together bulletin boards this little powerhouse is like a gift from heaven. No more sore hands from stapling hundreds of staples into the board! This thing is a breeze! Gently press… and thwack! Staple in.


In creating my latest bulletin board, I hit a snag. I’d been stapling for several minutes when the stapler suddenly “stopped working”. I pressed my newest tool and nothing happened. I pressed a little harder. Nothing. What happened to my stapler-friend?!? “Why isn’t this thing working?!?”, I wondered.
Suddenly I wasn’t so in love with that stupid stapler. I guessed it must have just stopped working. Dumb stapler. It’s pretty new, too! What a crock!


Then I had a thought that said, “Don’t Force It”.
Me:  “What? Don’t force what?”
The thought: “Anything. Don’t force anything”.
Me: silence


I looked at the stapler and turned it over in my hand. I noticed that “one finger” is written on the side. Oh… THAT’S why it worked so easily, it’s designed to be easy! So why was it so hard?


I stopped and thought. Maybe I’d been using too much of my hand. Maybe I’d been trying too hard. I’d started to use my palm to press the stapler so I could hold other papers in my fingers, perhaps that was the problem.


Ok. Fine, I thought. I’ll use just one finger.


I gently pressed my index finger into the top of the stapler. THWACK! The stapler was back in business. It didn’t quit working because it was broken. It stopped working because I’d started to force it. By using less force, the stapler was immediately “fixed”.


This is also how our lives work. When we try to force things to happen (new jobs, new romances, raises, new cars, etc) our force stops the flow. By trusting in the process, using gentleness and expecting everything to work: it does! Often, things work even better than we could have imagined! They don’t always turn out the exact way we envision. Most of the time, they are even better! They are better suited for our personal situations, better for our loved ones, better financially, better in any way you can think of!


Stop forcing things and they will suddenly be “fixed”.


I just finished reading E2 (E-squared) by Pam Grout. Oh my goodness! This book is amazing. If you are looking for a little help in manifesting or understanding the power your thoughts have on your experience, check it out. I really enjoyed it! Pam Grout is funny, makes things easy and quick to read, and really tuned in.


I have a brand new course offering I’m really excited about! It offers hands on experiments with your energy (including one from E2 with the coat hangers!), visualizations and scripts to help you get out of your own way. You can check that out here.

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