Caffeine Free?!? You have GOT to be kidding!! Spiritual Teacher.

boise Feb 26, 2016

This past year has been transformational for many of us. More people than I’ve ever known are cleaning up their lives. They are eating healthfully, they are giving up substances that alter moods, they are exercising and meditating, they are finding ways to be authentic and whole. I’ve experienced the same!

When I was led to cut down on alcohol, I didn’t balk. I did have a glass of wine on New Year’s and I did have some wine when I went for a weekend to California. But for the most part, I’ve cut it out. I feel great! I especially love the feeling of always being clear. One of the biggest benefits is the emotional leveling that happens with an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Then I was led to cut out gluten. In a previous post, I mentioned trying to find breakfasts that were gluten free. You can check that link out here in case you missed it. Gluten was a little harder – but truly not hard. Its very do-able to cut out gluten with all of the grocery store and restaurant options now available. When I accidentally get “glutened” I feel it immediately and wonder how I managed to continue to put it into my body when it makes me so sick now that I don’t put it into my body anymore. It’s been wonderful!

So far, so good!! Right?

Then I got the message during an angel card reading that I needed, really needed, to give up caffeine. I nearly cried. I negotiated. I rationalized. I asked again if that was REALLY the message. And it was.

I love coffee. I have had a cup of coffee (at least one) every day since I was about 16 with the exception of giving it up when I was pregnant with my daughter. So that means I’ve had a cup of coffee every day… for a while. Let’s leave it at that for now! I don’t mean that I sort of enjoy coffee and that I’m using the word “love” to describe something I really like. I mean, I LOVE coffee. I love the experience of grinding the beans every morning. I love the fresh brewed smell. I love the first smokey taste as the steam tickles my nose. It wasn’t a problem! Really, it wasn’t. Until… it was.

When I went to California, my friend Rachael asked us if we prefer tea or coffee. I said, either! Because I do love tea. What I didn’t realize is, my caffeine addiction meant I really NEEDED coffee. Did you know there’s nearly double the caffeine in coffee than even black tea? I was practically paralyzed with fear when I realized there was actually no coffee. I was horrified by my reaction! I acted like some junky needing a coffee fix. (which I was!) This was a humbling experience and one that made me realize I needed to take care of my addiction to caffeine.

I’ve kicked a lot of bad habits over the years, so this wasn’t my first experience with an addiction. I quit smoking after nearly 14 years in 2001. I gave up alcohol this year, and while it wasn’t an addiction, it was something that required me to change how I was spending my time and some of my social habits. Caffeine was harder, and yet it was easier in many ways.

Recently, I read Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Detox”. It is a great book, a quick read, and full of wonderfully helpful information. In that book, Doreen Virtue described prayers, requests and meditations to use for cutting out various toxins. Caffeine is one toxin that there were very specific meditations for the angels. In this meditation and request, I asked my guardian angels and Archangel Raphael to help me leave behind caffeine without any detox symptoms. I asked for their loving support in helping me make better choices. And it was amazing!!

Over the past 7 weeks, I went from being addicted to caffeine to being caffeine free. I am free from my addiction. I’m free from the “need” to have to put something into my body. And that feels so liberating! How did I do it? Little by little.

I went from one cup of coffee a day to a half cup of coffee a day for one week. During week 2, I cut down from a half cup of coffee to a quarter cup. Week 3 meant I switched from coffee to black tea. Week 4 is where I traded black tea for green tea (which has half as much caffeine). On week 5, I cut out even the green tea and have been caffeine free since!

With the angels help, I have been headache free. I have been withdrawl free. I am still a little bit in awe that I did this! But it also proves that if I can do it, you can do it.

Now you may be wondering, do I think you should give up caffeine? That’s not for me to decide. But I will tell you this. My yoga practice is stronger. My mind is clearer. My anxiety is significantly reduced. My sleep is deeper. I am calmer and more grounded. And I feel great!

I had a cup of coffee on Saturday because I thought having kicked the addiction I could turn it into a once a week treat. It didn’t taste as good as I remembered. My body felt amped up. I shook all the way through yoga. Was that smart? Well, no. But I am human, just like you. And just like you, giving up some of these things sometimes does a mind trip on me. But I’m glad I did have that cup of coffee. Because now I know for certain I do not want caffeine in my body.

All this is to say, if you have an intuitive knowing about something in your body, trust it. If you have been thinking you need to cut out something, you probably need to do that. If you have been thinking you need to add something to your diet, you probably do.

I do highly recommend a caffeine free, alcohol free and gluten free lifestyle. Your mind is clear. Your body feels strong. And your intuition is heightened. So with that, I toast to you with my herbal tea! Cheers!

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