Black Friday Deal – Online Classes – Get one FREE!

boise Nov 24, 2016

Happy Black Friday!

The holidays are here and this is a great time to take care of YOU! Knowing you are busy this season, most classes take place after the new year. BUT…. a brand new class “Food Freedom” is available ONLY through this Black Friday Deal. You see, it doesn’t officially launch until 2017… and this is the only way you can get it early.

AND… you can have it for FREE when you buy two other online courses! 

It’s designed to help navigate tricky holiday eating by tapping into spiritual principles. I will address emotional eating, finding ways to enjoy holiday food and keep it healthy, eating with family and friends who eat differently than you, and more!

Food Freedom not for you? No problem. Check out the other offerings with significant Black Friday Deal savings.

This Black Friday Special will go through Cyber Monday and then it will no longer be available.


Choose $20 off either Meditation 101 OR Manifesting Miracles online classes. (Purchase links at the bottom of each section and details at the bottom of the page).

Regularly priced at $99 – from now through Monday, November 28 you can choose either online class from only $79 as part of my Black Friday Deal.

OR buy both classes for $149 and receive a third class, Food Freedom, FREE! ONLY AVAILABLE AS PART OF THE BLACK FRIDAY DEAL.

This this class is brand new and won’t officially launch until after the new year. But if you buy both classes, you can receive it early and get some help navigating holiday eating using spiritual principles.

Food Freedom

Food Freedom is a new online class that offers guidance for healthy eating using spiritual principles.

Thursday, December 1 from 6 PM – 8 PM MST. Recording available with online link into my education platform by December 5.

  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Knowing what to eat and how much to eat
  • Caring for our bodies
  • Avoiding over or under eating
  • Understanding your patterns around food
  • Change unhealthy patterns

This class is available only through the Black Friday Special until 2017. We will enjoy meditations. I will teach you some easy ways to give up things our bodies don’t want us to eat or drink without the cravings or withdrawals by using spiritually grounded principles.


Meditation 101

Do you want to learn how to meditate? Or maybe you feel like you try meditate but you can’t get your mind to quiet. Maybe you really want to meditate but you are afraid it will be a conflict with your religious beliefs and you need to ask questions. Not quite sure how to start meditating?

Online January 9, 2017 from 6 PM – 8 PM MST. Recording available with online link and your own custom login into my education platform by January 15.

This is the class for you!

In this 2 hour class I will teach you:

    • The correlation and connection between religious prayer and non-denominational meditation
    • What is normal to experience in meditation
    • How to quiet your mind
    • Effective and simple breathing techniques to help you  meditate
    • You will receive access to 4 guided meditations

Buy classes individually


You’ve heard, “You are what you eat”, right? You are also what you think!! Manifesting miracles into your life is easy! You just have to change the way you think. That will change the way you feel… and that creates the miracles!


Did you know that you think several hundreds of thousands of thoughts each day? Each thought is sending out energy. Through the Law of Attraction, you are pulling exactly what you are thinking into your experience.

If everything in your life is going exactly was you would like, this class may not be for you. But if there are places in your life you would like to look differently, this class is absolutely for you!

Discover and refine your own ability to manifest anything you want into reality by changing your thoughts. Hands on energy experiments will have you changing old belief patterns. Positive visualizations will empower you to reach for your dreams. Simple and easy to use scripts will scaffold your own affirmations. This two hour course will change lives!

January 19 from 6-8 pm with link to the recording on the educational platform with your own custom login by January 25.


Meditation 101

The details:

You will receive an email link to join the online classes. If you are not available during the actual class, no problem! A link to a recording of the class will be emailed to each participant within 48 hours of the class. You will have long-term access to the class link and your own personalized login into the the teaching platform I’ll be housing the online classes. This will allow you to ask questions and connect with other classmates.


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