Be the light: Thoughts on Orlando

monday blogs Jun 19, 2016
Our news has been filled with a lot of scary things this year. We have heard stories of hateful incidents ranging from racist hate crimes to bigoted shootings. Most recently, the atrocities in Orlando have our attention. My heart hurts. Our hearts are hurting as a nation. Yet even among these scary things that mean we can no longer bury our heads in the sand, there is hope. That hope is the light that radiates from each of us.
Darkness cannot exist if there is even a spark of light. There is light in each of you. There is hope. Every time you speak lovingly to another human being, you are being the light. Every time you share a loving post on social media, you are being the light. When you listen to someone, really listen, who has a different view point than yours you are being the light. As you become accepting of other people you are being the light. When you offer a stranger help, you are being the light. As you greet people with a smile you are being the light.
We, the larger we that encompasses humanity, are all one. There is growing evidence that we are all connected. Anytime we try to separate ourselves into groups of them and us, we are creating “others”. In “The Energetic Heart” which is downloadable from the Institute of Heart Math here, we learn that there is a relationship between positive emotions, improved health and longevity. This is to say that by focusing on, creating, and feeling positive emotions we are truly improving our lives in every arena.

How did we lose the light?

I’m not going to try to explain why what happened in Orlando happened. I can’t say with any certainty that I understand.
I do believe I understand how we begin to step away from the light; that is, how we begin to step away from the good. Fear.
Many times we are fearful of letting our true light be seen. We fear that we will become targets ourselves. We fear we will ostracize loved ones by sharing how we really feel about controversial topics. We fear being judged. We fear differences.
Most of all, we fear become an outsider, or an “other”. You know, the proverbial Us vs. Them. If you aren’t with us, you are with them… the others. So rather than risk becoming an other, we create “others” by separating ourselves from people with different view points, lifestyles, and skin colors. We judge each other. We try to control one another’s bodies, words, actions and even love lives.
Once we have created others, it becomes easy to separate those “others” from humanity. The “others” become easy to dehumanize. We can forget that the “other” has a family they love and people who love them. We can forget that we each are trying to do the very best we can to create the best world for our selves and the children of the earth.

How we can be the light

 All humans beings, in my belief, have one goal on this planet. We all want to love and to be loved.
We become the light for someone else the moment we choose to offer them love. Decide to see the situation or the person through a loving lens. Choose to see love. Sometimes, this has to be a conscious choice. Sometimes, this isn’t easy. But it is important.
When we see love instead of fear, we are in the flow of the universe. Our lives begin change and flourish in new ways. By choosing to speak positive and loving words, you can literally change not only your experience, but you can change the world. Because we are all connected, when one of us hurts all of us hurt. The same is true with love. When one of us begins to offer more love, we all begin to feel more love. THIS is how we can change the world.
This doesn’t mean you have to bury your head in the sand and pretend to have rose-colored glasses on.  But it does mean that how we interact with what is happening around us has a huge and lasting impact. You can still have healthy and appropriate boundaries and choose love. You can still maintain autonomy over your life choices and choose love. Choosing love over fear doesn’t mean you become a doormat. On the contrary, as you begin to see the world through a more loving lens, you begin to see your self through a more loving lens. Loving yourself more means you hold a higher standard for what you will and will not accept from those around you.
Remember the Law of Attraction means that what we focus on magnifies. Simply put, what you are focus on is what you will see more of. Not only will you witness more of what you want, but more of what you want will actually be present.
Be the light. Share only positive and love filled messages. You can still tell the truth. You can still be authentic. You can still have opinions and share them. Share them with an intent for your opinion or message to be of the greatest good. Take time to listen to other points of view. Before you write, speak or do… take time to ask yourself (and if it’s in your belief system; ask your higher power, angels or guides): is this for the highest good? Ask yourself if you are seeing the situation through a lens of love.
Be the light.

Need some help getting rid of fear?

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