An easy way to prioritize your own health and wellness

weekly affirmation Oct 14, 2016

Today, I put my health and wellness first.

We’ve all heard the flight attendant on the airplane tell us to put on our own oxygen mask before helping others. I’ve talked about this a lot on the block but I’m coming at it from a new angle today.

Many of us are very generous. We are constantly finding ways to help people and to give back. This is a good thing! Research shows that those people involved in volunteering and in the community live longer and report higher levels of happiness. 

But you can’t get what you don’t have. If you are exhausted, stressed out. Schedule to the max…, that may not be the ideal time for you to volunteer. You might be better served to invest in yourself.

How to invest in your own health and wellness

Investing in yourself often means scheduling some time where you have nothing to do except what you want or need to do. You can call it downtime if you like. But really, for most of us, it’s catch-up time. Many of us do not schedule this time. But it makes a huge difference in your life! 

Do a load of laundry in the middle of the day so you don’t have to stay up late. Get ahead on your cooking for the week so you’ll eat healthy home-cooked meals even though you’re busy. Spent 15 minutes picking up your house so you’ll feel better when the next time you come home. It is ok to take time to do the things around your house that need to be done. Maybe for you, investing in your health and wellness means you schedule a reiki session or massage. Sometimes, a weekend getaway fits the bill. Whatever health and wellness looks like for you, embrace it! Even if it means taking an hour to tidy up your house or plan meals for the week. 

It is not selfish to think you should be able to live in a tidy, orderly, organized home. Wanting time to prepare, shop for and eat healthy meals is not selfish. Everyone benefits!! You are more clear, more grounded and more patient and that helps everyone around you both at home and out. The more you focus on your own health and wellness, the more you are able to take care of your loved ones. You’ll have more to give! 

It is easy for us to underestimate the importance of time to prepare our own lives. If we don’t schedule that time, and be intentional about it, it really won’t happen for many of us. In that case, we run around tapped out, overtired, and stressed.

Why being organized can help you spiritually

At first blush, it doesn’t look like having your life organized helps you spiritually. But it does! The more clear your living space is, the more clear your mind is. By taking time to prepare and eat healthy meals your are nourishing your body which will give you more energy, which helps keep your mind clear. You will be more able to get the guidance so many of us crave.

Unapologetically take the time you need to put your own health and well-being first not only today, but every day. You are worth it!! 

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