A proven way to provide anxiety relief

weekly affirmation Oct 28, 2016

The answers lie in the stillness.

Are you among the millions of people looking for anxiety relief? Anxiety is very common and is often linked to stress. One of the proven ways to provide anxiety relief is to practice stillness. But why?

It is so rare to be in stillness. Take just a moment right now. Allow your eyes to close. Place your hands palm up in your lap. Bask in stillness for just a moment and then come back. How are you feeling?

For many of us, being in stillness feels foreign or maybe even uncomfortable. When we are still, we are able to tune into our own inner guidance and sense of knowing. By allowing ourselves to be still, we can be more open to the messages of our higher power. Don’t get stuck because the term is uncomfortable for you; insert whatever you feel most comfortable with: God, The Universe, Higher Self, Spirit, etc.

Sometimes, allowing all of this to come forward can almost feel scary. But it is exciting and powerful to be in touch! The more you do it, the more you will come to love this feeling. You will feel relief from anxiety and stress. You’ll notice a quieting of the “monkey mind”… the mind that seems to hop from one thing to another.

Take a moment to recognize how you feel. How does your body feel? What is your emotional body feeling? Is your mind busy while you are still? Don’t attach judgement to any of these questions. Just notice. And then return to the stillness. Did you know this is a form of meditation or prayer?

Maybe you would feel more comfortable being guided. That was how I learned to be more comfortable with meditation. If it serves you, here are two different free guided meditations you might enjoy. 

I have felt my own stress and anxiety levels gradually rising in recent weeks. I get anxious as winter approaches and fight a completely irrational fear of the dark and cold days and nights ahead that is caused by Seasonal Affective Disorder. In my teaching job, performance season opens in two weeks with very public performance. My report card grades are due. My daughter has been in driver’s ed which has added a new layer of complexity to our schedule. I’m not writing this to complain. I’m writing this so you can be assured I have life stresses and things that produce anxiety, too.

I don’t turn to yoga, meditation and stillness because I am calm. I am calm because I turn to yoga, meditation and stillness.

Just for today… 

Try something just for today. If you like it, carry it into tomorrow and try it again.

When you begin to feel your stress or anxiety levels rise, take a moment to sit in stillness. Avoid the temptation to do something to numb the stress. Don’t use loud music or a book to quiet your own thoughts. Resist the urge to eat your feelings. Instead, take a moment of stillness.

You will find the answers lie in the stillness.

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