10 steps to setting better goals

wednesday words Jul 12, 2016

There is a fine line between setting a goal with a definitive end point in mind and trying to control the outcome. When we set goals, we put a deadline for achieving them because it can help propel us forward. A deadline can help keep us in action.

This is great when you’re dealing with something finite and regimented like a degree. For example, you might set a goal to obtain a particular degree by a specific time. When you are dealing with something structured, deadlines are very smart.

When you should let go of a deadline 

Sometimes, by setting a deadline for a goal we are actually limiting ourselves and limiting the universal flow. We are trying to control. Examples of this might include statements like “I’ll have my first baby when I’m 25”, or “I’ll remarry but the time I’m 40” (that one was one of mine!), or “I will have my book published by December 1, 2016”.

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is to focus away from the goal. Instead begin to focus on your daily activity. What are you doing every day to support your goal? Are you keeping your thoughts positive? Are your actions productive? Are you going in the direction The Universe/God/The Angels are guiding you?

How to set a goal without trying to control the outcome

  1. Determine what it is that you want.
  2. Research the best action steps to take to get to your goal.
  3. Once you are in motion and moving toward your goal, focus on the activity. Stop obsessing about the end result or the outcome.
  4. Surrender the outcome. Think of how many times when you surrendered you easily reached your goal. But I bet you didn’t get there the way you thought you would. And I bet you it was even better than what you hoped.
  5. Stay in action and focused upon your daily activities.
  6. Surrender the outcome. Trust
  7. Check in on your progress once in a while at a time you determined when you began to work towards your goal
  8. Surrender the outcome. Trust.
  9. Adjust your daily activities if needed to stay on course with your goal.
  10. Surrender the outcome. Trust.

Did you notice surrendering the outcome was in that list several times? That is because often, surrendering the outcome is the most important step you can take.

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