Portland Retreat

March 23 - 26, 2023


Shift your energy to change your life. Heal and be healed. Understand energy in a new way so that you can step into the life you know you want to be living.

Experience this shift in a loving container where you'll build community and be held safe.



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Yes to Me

Join Brenda and the Yes Academy Community for a free 5 day journey supporting you in saying YES to the things YOU really want.

April 11 - 15, 2023

April 11 - 14 @ 5 pm PST 

April 15 @ 9 am PST

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Yes Academy is open for enrollment and begins April 2023. 


A proven and powerful step-by-step program to reclaim your time & energy, release guilt, identify and say "YES!" to what matters most.


I joined yes academy because I had such a good experience in the Yes to Me Challenge. I didn't realize I needed intense coaching. The meditations really drew me in. All the tips and tools have been a million-dollar bonus - PRICELESS. If I had to go back and make that choice again, I would absolutely do it again. It's something that will last a lifetime. 

- Coach and Writer



The most helpful part of Yes Academy was the Bill of Rights. Learning to make decisions around those truths was really important to me. The ThetaHealing® Meditations were incredibly powerful, some of the quickest ways I've been able to tap into my higher self and that wisdom ever. Finally, learning to understand how to protect my energy and recognize feeling different things in my body was ok, and that it was good to listen to my body. 


-Yes Academy Alumni

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Energetic Hygiene Masterclass

Taking on emotions of other people?


Setting boundaries feel hard?


Does the thought of telling someone no - even your kids - make you break out in a cold sweat?


THIS free masterclass is for you!! 

Perfect for highly sensitive people, empaths, people-pleasers, perfectionists and overachievers

March 28 @ 4 pm PDT (limited time replay available)

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Meet Katie


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Waves of Joy Podcast


Know how you show up for everyone in your life?

How you check in with people? Make sure they are ok? Do more than your share? Feel worried about who will pick up the slack if you say no? 

I help you show up for YOU.



Hi! I’m Brenda.

I'm an energy healer and coach that helps highly sensitive people, over-achievers, perfectionists, people pleasers, and empaths set boundaries, protect their energy, and heal their nervous systems. 


I've been in business since 2015.


I help people live happier lives.


I'll teach you how to prioritize yourself.

Relationships improve. Guilt goes away. You experience freedom. Empowerment.

It's never too late to get YOU back


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I want to highly recommend working with Brenda Winkle! I had a session with her and she was able to immediately pinpoint one of my major life struggles without any information from me. She used beautiful guided imagery and centered my energy and then began to shift it. I have struggled with some pretty nasty anxiety in my adult life and the underlying issue actually surprised me. She is such a gifted healer. I hope to come back to her regularly now. This was such a beautiful experience! Book with her now before she gets overbooked. You will be so thankful that you did.


My ThetaHealing® session was one of the biggest breakthroughs I've ever had regarding my childhood and my trauma. Thank you for providing space and leadership to guide me through that. 


My experience with Brenda was actually life-changing! I came to her with the goal of finding healing for the tremendous amount of trauma and fear in my life.

I had experienced severe abuse of all kinds from the age of 3 years old until I was about 35 years old.

There was so much in there and I had a serious case of Dissociative Amnesia.

I am happy to say that I have experienced healing for all this on very deep levels. I so appreciate her and I can say that my life has been remarkably transformed after working with her.

Thank you, Brenda! There are not words enough to express my gratefulness!


Brenda helped me through a rough time of my life as I struggled with healing from loss of love, present and past. Her reiki style is soothing, and she communicated what I needed to hear in a loving environment. I reconnected with myself and grew greatly through the experience!

I have always respected Brenda’s positivity. Her eyes shine with it, and you feel drawn into her, and them. Brenda is well-spoken and strong in her beliefs. She roots for the good in all of us and I love sharing her journey!

Student Testimonials

"Yes Academy**" helps you identify any block you have put on yourself. Then Brenda gives you step-by-step guidance to eliminate those blocks. Since "Yes Academy", I carve out more time for myself in my schedule. I have more fun without the guilt. I am on my priority list now!

Elementary Teacher

**Yes Academy" was formerly called Empowered You

I loved all of the music and meditations! All of the topics were relevant. I appreciated all of the reference material Brenda provided along with the class notes. "Yes Academy" is a great tool for anyone that is wanting to begin meditation or start learning more about themselves. It truly was very empowering for me and was presented in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Independent Sales Consultant


I have really enjoyed how "Yes Academy" has opened me up to new experiences. I’ve stepped out of my normal boundaries and have been able to shift my paradigm. It really has been empowering!! This may lead you to become more in touch with your emotions, but in a positive way. This could lead to a new way of thinking and that’s very positive.


Helping you find purpose, passion, and peace to create your