Yes-to-Me 3 Day Journey


What would life be like if…



You were taking on less energy (and emotion) from other people  



Your nervous system felt regulated. Being calmly confident felt normal. 


Setting boundaries seemed simpler



It’s possible!!! I'll show you…

Join me in the live YES to ME 3 day journey! 


Join us live (or catch the replay) 

Breathwork healing, meditations, and energetics.


Learn how to stop taking on the energy and emotion of other people. 

Tune into your intuition and inner knowing.

Know how to ask for and read signs from the universe. 



Learn to say YES to the things YOU most want and need


We'll focus on three areas....


1. Healing your nervous system (so you feel better)


2. Setting boundaries 


3. Energetic hygiene (stop taking on the energy and emotions of other people)



Join me LIVE in the free YES to ME Journey April 11 - 15, 2023


We’ll be LIVE together on zoom April 11 - 14 at 5 pm PT 



LIVE on April 15 at 9 am PT 

Replays will be available within 24 hours of each gathering and available for a limited time.

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Save your seat

Preventing the energetic merge.


Stop taking on the energy and emotions of other people. 

Boundaries made simple.

Begin to free yourself from people-pleasing

Heal your nervous system

Begin the process of taking the foot off the brakes on your dreams. You past doesn't have to control your future.

Yes-to-Me 5 Day Journey

Say Yes to You so you can create the life of YOUR dreams with energetic hygiene, healthy boundaries and a healing nervous system.

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