Coaching & Healing

Coaching and healing


Coaching is centered around helping you put YOU first.


As a coach, I believe it's my role to help you see the best version of YOU. 

I believe in collaborative processes. If you don't feel comfortable with a process, you won't do the work, right? We talk and collaborate until we find something that works - for you. You are always your highest authority when you work with me. 

I am highly intuitive. Many of my clients say things like, "how did you know that?" or "how did you make that so simple? 

Coaching is a great fit for you if.....

  • You're already good at what you do.
  • You want support to get to that next level.
  • You are feeling a little lost, and want support
  • You want someone highly intuitive that just "gets it"
  • You feel called to do something "more"
  • You are ready to show up for YOU.
  • You find yourself gaining momentum and then self-sabotage
  • You wonder if you have past trauma holding you back stuck in your body and want to release (coaching is NOT a replacement for your mental health care)
  • You stop / start... you have the foot on the brakes and the gas pedal of your life and are ready for that to shift


  • You are willing to do the work. Coaching works when we work as a TEAM, which means there may be things you are asked to do between sessions. I can't do the work FOR you but I can offer you SUPPORT


I help you shift in subtle ways that make a big difference in your life. 



**This session works in complement to your mental health care and is not a substitute.**


While I am trained in trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed healing and educational modalities, I am not a doctor, therapist, psychologist, or counselor. 


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Coaching Sessions and Packages

Coaching Sessions and Packages

VIP Day -

Supercharge your experience  healing and accelerate the transformation you desire  

Yes Academy

YES Academy is a unique and highly curated group coaching container that…


1. Supports you as you shift and heal your nervous system and mindset so you can finally feel better using trauma-informed non-clinical practices backed by science and just enough Woo-woo to blow your mind. Release stuck emotions stored in your body that have been holding you back using a combination of healing modalities (ThetaHealing®, Breathwork, Reiki) You'll finally be able to replace old thought patterns and expand using somatic healing (body) ... no more stuck in the rut for you! Unlock happiness and joy. You find YOU by healing old wounds. It's so much easier than you think. You'll have FUN honing in on your purpose.

2. Teaches you how to set boundaries. Stop people pleasing. Say what you really mean. Deepen relationships because you'll feel safe enough to show up as the real you with healthy boundaries. Practice setting boundaries with role-play and scripts in small groups.

3. Supports you in developing energetic hygiene. Become your highest authority. Trust your inner knowing. Learn to prevent the energetic merge where you take on the emotions and energy of other people. Know how to protect your energy when you start feeling drained. You'll start to release perfectionism. Play with your cards, pendulum and crystals while learning how to trust your intuition while you tap in to the energy around you. You'll have a higher vibration, and attract new higher vibe people and experiences. You'll feel so freaking  good! Live life having more fun and waaayyyy more energy.


You will be happier. And more joyful. More balanced. Because that's what saying yes to you does! 



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