Group Breathwork


Elevate Your Success with Breathwork

Unleash Your Full Potential and Thrive Like Never Before!

Harness the Power of Breathwork to Ignite Your High Achieving Journey.


Are you ready to supercharge your success, tap into your fullest potential, and experience a new level of thriving? Imagine a tool that could help you break through barriers, manage stress, and elevate your performance to unprecedented heights. That tool is breathwork, and it holds the key to unlocking your peak state of achievement.

The Power of Breathwork for High Achievers

Welcome to a world where your breath becomes your greatest asset. As a high achiever, you're no stranger to pushing limits and aiming for the stars. Now, let's harness the power of breathwork to amplify your journey and calm your nervous system. Discover how intentional breathing techniques can calm your mind, increase focus, and provide a sustainable source of energy that supports your success while increasing a state of calm. 

Elevate Your Mental and Emotional Well-being
Break free from the chains of stress and overwhelm that often accompany high achievement.

Breathwork offers you a sanctuary of tranquility, where you can release tension, clear mental clutter, and tap into a wellspring of creativity. Experience emotional balance as you learn to manage pressures and setbacks with grace, while cultivating a mindset of resilience that propels you forward. Heal past hurts and traumas through breathwork. 


Transform Stress into Success

Turn stress from a stumbling block into a stepping stone for growth. With breathwork, you'll gain the ability to regulate your body's stress response, reducing the negative impact that stress can have on your health and performance. Elevate your cognitive function, decision-making, and problem-solving skills as you find clarity and focus through the power of intentional breathing.

Amplify Your Professional Excellence

Imagine seamlessly transitioning between high-pressure situations with poise and confidence. Breathwork equips you with the tools to remain grounded and centered, even in the midst of chaos. Enhance your communication skills, leadership presence, and ability to connect with others on a deeper level, setting you apart as a high achiever who shines in every aspect of life.

Are you ready to take your high achieving journey to extraordinary heights? Join a transformative breathwork program and unlock the full potential of your success. Embrace a life of increased focus, enhanced well-being, and sustained peak performance.

Ignite Your Success with Breathwork

Elevate your success story by integrating breathwork into your weekly routine.

Experience the power of intentional breathing and witness your high achieving journey reach new horizons.


Sessions for groups, corporations, businesses, schools and organizations are available

Email [email protected] to learn more and to book.

Group Breathwork Sessions

Promote the deepest self-healing and personal transformation with these 60-minute virtual sessions. Process and release emotionality.


These sessions are appropriate for late teens (16+) and adults.





In this HEAL TO THE YES Package, you'll receive:

  • 12 1-hour virtual breathwork sessions with Brenda, tailored to your individual needs and goals. Your sessions are customized to you and can also include intuitive energy healing.
  • Personalized guidance on how to use breathwork to tap into your intuition and connect with your purpose
  • Access to support between sessions via email or voxer.
  • A bonus guided meditation and distance Reiki at each session to help you deepen your breathwork practice and connect with your inner guidance


Package of 4 30-Minute Integrative Sessions

Just for kids... this breathwork session will help kids ages 9 - 16 regulate their emotions, learn calming techniques and help them integrate their experiences.

It's recommended a parent be close by to help support technology. All sessions will be recorded for quality control but will never be shared.

(Kids younger than 9 are welcome as long as a parent attends with them. Kids older than 16 are welcome but they may prefer an adult group or 1:1 session)

**All sessions are online.**

Camera should be on and show the upper body and face to allow me to facilitate your session.

*** These sessions are not appropriate for children younger than 5. Please reach out if you have kids younger than 5 you would like to experience breathwork. [email protected] 


Brenda is a certified K - 12 educator in three states with 26 years of experience in the classroom. Your child's safety and wellbeing are the top priority in these sessions.


**Breathwork is most transformational when it is consistently practiced. For this reason, all 4 sessions must be used within 90 days of purchase. Sessions are non-transferable.