Hi! I'm Brenda Winkle

I support empathic entrepreneurs to heal their nervous systems, set better boundaries, and understand energy so they can honor their emotionality and sensitivity without letting it take over their business. 


The challenges facing empathic entrepreneurs are unique because you feel EVERYTHING: your feelings, your client's feelings, your team's feelings, your family's feelings, and the energy around you. 


Using my POWER Framework developed especially for the empathic entrepreneur, I will guide you to:

1. Balance and honor your deep sensitivity and intuition with the demands of running a business

2. Provide you with skills and tools to face challenges in maintaining boundaries that are essential for 6-7 figure entrepreneurs

3. Support in managing the emotional and financial stress of being a founder


All while staying true to your unique business vision and achieving sustainable growth.


I’m one of very few healers and coaches with the knowledge, training, and skill set to successfully blend the science of breathwork and somatic healing with of energy healing and spirituality.


The result is life-changing: 


More impact and income doing the heart-centered work you know you were born to do with a lot more ease, freedom, and joy.


I am the creator and host of the Yes Filled Life Podcast, a podcast globally rated in the top 5% of all podcasts.   


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Second Chapter: This one's about you

Balance your deep empathy, sensitivity and intuition with the demands of life and running a business, navigate challenges in maintaining boundaries, heal your nervous system, and learn to untangle business stuff from the self so that when business things happen it doesn't affect your self-worth, learn tools to effectively manage emotional and financial stress...

All while staying true to the vision of your business while achieving sustainable growth.

 You'll learn the POWER Framework developed especially for entrepreneurs AND the Second Chapter Pillars for healthy businesses and happy lives.

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POWER Hour Strategy and Healing Session for Empaths

5 Day Retreat for

Empathic Entrepreneurs 

Energetic Mastery

Ready to feel more vibrant, focused, and connected every single day? That's the power of adding energy work to your life. 

Join us in Portland, Oregon September 24 - 28, 2024

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Rated in the top 5% of podcasts globally

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