100. From clutter to calm: How furniture placement can transform your space with Lynn Stanek

Season #4

Become a founding member of Your Yes Filled Home by clicking here. In this podcast episode, Brenda and Lynn Stanek, a professional real estate stager, discuss creating a sense of ease and flow in homes. Brenda shares her positive experience working with Lynn when selling her townhouse, and Lynn talks about the importance of creating a meaningful and balanced space. They discuss furniture placement, the use of personal items, and the impact on the overall atmosphere of the home. They also share tips for decluttering and letting go of sentimental items. 


Here are the takeaways...


  1. Creating a sense of ease and flow in homes makes you feel more at home
  2. Furniture placement and personal items are important to consider in creating a welcoming home environment. Think about pulling large furniture away from the wall.
  3. Try angling furniture or rugs to transform the energy in a space
  4. External surroundings reflect one's internal self
  5. Keep only meaningful items in the space and eliminate clutter
  6. Try folding your towels in half before hanging them so they look really pretty, then place a towel you want people to use on the counter, and it will direct people to the towel you prefer them to use.
  7. Let go of sentimental items by putting them somewhere you can see them and use them, or by taking a photo 

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