You can feel good. 

You can live feeling joyful, energized, calm, and clear-headed even when life gets lifey by doing things that make you feel good. 

Download the customizable Feel Better Fast Guide here to start feeling good right now! 


Hi, I’m Brenda Winkle.

I help you say YES to the things that light you up and no to the things that don't with my unique blend of breathwork, somatic coaching and energy healing. 

I help intuitive women like you harness their natural gifts, learn about their energy in their second act so you can impact others, find your empowerment, and finally experience fulfillment and self-actualization you deserve.

I created this PDF guide, especially for you. I know you're going to love it. It's based on something I did when I was a brand new single mom and I couldn't remember how to feel good. It works!!!! 


Download your Feel Better Fast Guide

Scaffold things for yourself so you can access feeling better no matter what is happening in your life with this customizable PDF guide.