Being sensitive and kind doesn't have to mean resentment, exhaustion or feeling bad. 

You can live every day feeling joyfully, energized, calm, and clear-headed and it doesn't take blowing up your life or suffering in silence to get there.

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Hi, I’m Brenda Winkle.

am an educator, healer, coach and guide who helps the sensitive and successful find, reclaim and live from their full embodied YES. Using breathwork, energy healing and somatic coaching -  my clients are able to create their YES-Filled Lives and move through their days with more freedom, ease, and joy.

I discovered I was in menopause on email. I'd spent years navigating what I knew was peri-menopause and what doctors assured me was not. Still I flourished because I put  key things into practice, the very same things you'll get when you download this guide.  

I was featured in the November 2023 issue of  Top Sante' Magazine telling this story. 




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