Oregon Coast Reiki I  Retreat

Oregon Coast Full Moon Reiki I Retreat

January 4 - 7, 2022

This retreat is for you if any of these feel true for you... 

  • You want to connect to Source and open the channel within you to hear Source


  • You know you are in resistance and holding yourself back. Maybe you are scared of your own power. Maybe you grew up with messages that made your intuition feel bad, scary, or wrong.  


  • You experience elevated responses to positive or negative emotions or sometimes feel like "too much"


  • Are a people pleaser and wish you weren't


  • Are curious about energy and your intuitive ability and want to learn more


  • Feel like you are a natural healer and want to expand your gifts


  • You have humans or fur babies that you would love to support with this healing modality

Shift your energy so you can heal and change your life.

Heal and be healed. Understand energy in a new way so that you can step into the life you know you want to be living.


Add this extraordinary skillset to your life and your business. 

Reiki can be done virtually as well as in person. (distance healing is part of Reiki II certification/training)

Come experience the powerful healing effects while you also become a trained practitioner.



Experience this shift in a loving container where you'll build community and be held safe. 

This retreat is a way to fill your own cup so you are ready for the holidays.


Step into the healing energy surrounding this magical place for a 3 day retreat.

Here's what's included...

  • Reiki I training and attunement on Day 1
  • Trade reiki sessions with others who have received their Reiki I attunement to grow your skills and receive additional healing
  • Reiki I Certification
  • Beach walks hunting for sand dollars, whale watching from shore (depending on the whales, of course)
  • Meditations & Journaling
  • Laughter, Connection & Community
  • Transformation & Expansion
  • Full Moon ceremony - release all that's no longer serving you
  • Share your Reiki I attunement experiences inside a safe container for two and a half days after your attunement where you can share your experiences and questions with people who really get it, because they are doing the same thing
  • Practice your new Reiki skills inside a safe container with the support of a Reiki Master
  • Plant-based Breakfast or lunch each day 
  • Tea/coffee/hot chocolate
  • Healthy snacks
  • Plenty of time to choose your own adventure with walks on the beach, salt air, listening to the waves, searching for sand dollars, and doing what you want.

Let your dreams begin here

You'll leave the retreat feeling renewed, and rejuvenated. Expansive. Hope filled. Supported. 

And because you'll receive Reiki I training and attunement, you'll be able to access this feeling again and again and again.


Reiki II attunements and training will be offered the morning of Day 1 before the Reiki I retreat begins. 

***Spots for 10 women. 

What's not included:

  • Transportation
  • Housing (available for added cost...email Brenda at [email protected] for availability and pricing)
  • Lunch and Dinner 
  • Shopping

How to get here...

Fly into Portland (PDX). Rent a car. In less than 2 hours you'll be in the Pacific wonderland of the Oregon Coast in one of the tiny towns on the North Coast of Oregon.


Fun Fact!!

You know how in the old west saloons you could go buy "spirits"? And how "spirits" meant alcohol?

There's a reason. Each alcohol contains a certain "spirit". Whiskey is different from beer, etc. 

Since we are working with energy - and spirits are energy - it's not advisable to drink alcohol or consume non-prescription drugs when doing any type of energy work. ie. I'd prefer you not do it and reserve the right not to provide energy healing or attunements if you are under the influence in a way that I feel is unsafe. 

 January 4 - Lunch provided at 11 am - PM Session with Reiki I training, attunement, and healing sessions from 1 - 6 pm. (Reiki II's welcome to join)

January 5 - Breakfast provided at 8:30 am

AM session 9:30-11:30

PM session 1 - 3 

Evening session - prep for the full moon ceremony 7-8

January 6

Breakfast provided at 8:30 am

AM session - 9:30 - 11:30

PM Session 2 - 4

Evening Full Moon Ceremony - 7 - 9 

January 7 - 

Breakfast provided at 8:30 

Closing - 9:30 - 10:30


Payment Options

About Brenda


I'm Brenda, an energy healer, a mindest and empowerment coach, 

an educator

and an Advanced ThetaHealing® Meditation Technique Practioner.

 I've been in business since 2015.

WHAT I do:

I help people feel better!

Reducing stress, reclaiming time, increasing energy, releasing guilt. Letting go of patterns that aren't helping you, and identifying and saying YES to the things that matter most to you. I help people identify and shift thinking that holds them back. 



WHY I do it:

I want to help people. You have something special that the world needs. The best way to heal the world is to help one person at a time find their purpose, their passion and peace. 

STRUGGLED in an abusive marriage. It took me years to recover from PTSD and unhealthy thinking (and behavior) patterns.

I figured out the keys to healing unhealthy patterns and it changed everything!

I want to help other people unlock their own happiness without the struggle.

What's your background?

I have a masters degree in Educational Leadership, a BS in Music Education, and spent 26 years of experience in the elementary and choral music classroom. I stepped away from full-time teaching and now run my business full-time but still volunteer on a regional board as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair.

I became a healer and trained in the healing arts because I needed my own healing. I started my training in 2015 and opened this business in 2016.

Plus...I raised a kid on my own, worked full time, worked part-time jobs in choral arts organizations, started 3 businesses, got a master's degree in education, became a Usui Reiki Master and an Advanced ThetaHealing Practioner - all while being a single mom. My daughter is now grown and I'm a brand new empty-nester. 


I live in greater Portland, Oregon. 

What's Reiki?

Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing. Reiki is universal life energy and is also sometimes called soul energy. 

Reiki energy is non-physical energy that flows through all living things. It works by synchronizing an alpha brain state - deep relaxation and meditation - between the practitioner and the client promoting the bodies natural relaxation and healing. 

Reiki relies on 5 principles

Just for today...

  • I will let go of worry
  • I will let go of anger
  • I will give thanks for my many blessings
  • I will do my work honestly
  • I will be kind to all living things

Benefits of Reiki include...

  • better sleep
  • easier to access calm feelings by turning on your body's rest and digest (the parasympathetic nervous system)
  • promoting your body's natural healing 

Reiki Levels

Reiki I - Physical healing and self-healing.

This attunement "turns the power on". This level of Reiki certification allows the practitioner to utilize Reiki for yourself, your kids, your animals and pets, your food, plants, your home, and your workspaces.

**You should practice Reiki on yourself for at least 21 days with your Reiki I attunement before receiving your Reiki II attunement.**

You'll need to drink lots of water - perhaps permanently, after your Reiki attunement. Your brain is hydro-electric and receiving a Reiki attunement turns that up a notch.

I recommend not consuming animal products (especially meat) for 3 days prior to and 3 days after your attunement. After those days, make the choice that's right for you. If you need plant-based food resources, I have tons. Just ask. 

Additional Attunements become available to you after your Reiki I attunement:

Reiki II - Mental and Emotional Healing.

Reiki Master - Health and healing on the spiritual level and teaching of Reiki.