98. The Secret to Successful Entrepreneurship with Tracy Beavers

Season #4

Join the Boundary Brilliance Masterclass: https://www.brendawinkle.com/boundary-brilliance In this podcast episode, Tracy Beavers, a business and sales coach from Arkansas, joins Brenda as a guest. They discuss the importance of finding joy and spaciousness in business, as well as the initial fears and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. Tracy shares her personal journey and the lessons she has learned along the way. They also talk about the ongoing nature of building a business and the need to pace oneself. Tracy and Brenda discuss the benefits of delaying a website and using live video in business. They emphasize the importance of engagement and building relationships in the online space. Tracy reflects on the importance of taking care of one's nervous system and finding joy in difficult moments through gratitude.

Here are the takeaways...


  1. You can increase your success in business when you find spaciousness and joy 
  2. Our businesses will never be fully built as online entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster, and most successful entrepreneurs are willing to slow down their pace and figure things out as they go.
  3. There is often a need for reassurance and validation in entrepreneurship because there isn't a guidebook, since we are all so different. This is where a business coach can be supportive.
  4. You can start your business with almost nothing, delaying the creation of a website and focusing on other aspects of the business by creating a simple landing page. 
  5. The most effective thing to do to increase your visilbity from a social media standpoint is to use live video and reels. 
  6. Something simple you can add to your content is a call to action. Ask for a response of any kind.
  7. Importance of engagement and building relationships in the online space

About Tracy Beavers...

Tracy Beavers is a Business and Sales coach from Arkansas. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years with everything from overcoming the fear of sales to growing their brand visibility and email lists through organic marketing strategies. She walks hand in hand with her clients providing them a roadmap of clear action steps so they can put their blinders on and confidently get to work. Building your business does NOT have to be a struggle. Tracy can show you how to build with EASE. She is a wife, Mom of two young adults and a dogMom. She is a public speaker, and a published author. She has been featured on top business podcasts, and has been a regular contributor on one of her hometown’s premier tv shows. She is the creator of two online courses: “Business Visibility Made Easy” and “Be A Confident Entrepreneur”. She has a group coaching program and offers private 1:1 coaching for clients wanting a VIP custom experience.

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