96. The ultimate guide to your Yes Filled Life - and it's simpler than you think

Season #4

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Brenda Winkle, the host of the podcast "Your Yes-Filled Life," discusses the importance of setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care. She shares her personal experiences and insights on how prioritizing her own needs has positively impacted her life. Brenda emphasizes that setting boundaries is her responsibility and that others' reactions to those boundaries are not her concern. She mentions that her Yes Academy provides resources and support for practicing boundary setting and highlights the concept of radical self-acceptance. Brenda expresses gratitude to her listeners for investing in themselves and emphasizes the healing that comes from prioritizing self-care.

Here are the takeaways...

  1. Meeting your needs of all kinds is an integral part of your Yes Filled Life
  2. You can only expand and grow when you feel safe
  3. A great place to start is by meeting your physical needs including rest, hydration, and nourishment
  4. Give yourself permission to meet your own needs frees up mental, emotional, and physical capacity
  5. Your Yes Filled Life is on the other side of setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care

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