95. Healthy Relationship Habits with Dr. Karin Calde

Season #4

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In this podcast episode, Brenda and Karin Calde have a conversation about relationships, therapy, coaching, and personal growth. Karin is a former therapist and current relationship coach, specializing in helping women struggling in their romantic relationships. Karin discusses her transition from therapy to coaching and the focus of her podcast, "Love is Us," which explores various aspects of relationships.

They talk about the difference between therapy and coaching, and the importance of discernment when seeking help. They talked about the possibility of seeing both a therapist and a coach concurrently. The conversation then shifts to relationships, with Karin sharing advice on healthy relationship habits and applying them to dating. They also touch on the topic of sexual desire and communication in relationships. 

Here are the takeaways...

  1. The difference between coaching and therapy is the needs of the client. Therapy is for those in crisis, while coaching is for those looking to improve their lives.
  2. Personal growth and self-love are very important in relationships. Many relationships can improve simply by increasing your personal growth and self-love.
  3. Power differentials in relationships can be a source of problems in a relationship. When one partner has control over the money, the time or decisions that are made it's a sign of a problem in the relationship. Couples therapy in this situation is never recommended in these situations. Instead, consult a resource such as The Hotline. (Be mindful that browsing history can be traced to do this with intention) https://www.thehotline.org/
  4. The best relationships happen when there is a conscious awareness of our own self-responsibility, showing compassion for each other, paying attention to each other and coming together when one of you reaches out. There is fondness and admiration, both are good at expressing gratitude and spend time together.
  5. The concept of spontaneous desire vs responsive desire in sexual desire in long term relationships is a great thing to think about. Sometimes we equating spontaneous desire with a genuine interest in relationships, and we might not give responsive desire the credit it deserves. 
  6. Clarity, communication and spending time together are the three most impactful things you can do for healthy relationships. 

About Karin...

Karin is an IFS-Informed Relationship Coach. She works with individuals and couples who want to break old relationship patterns and create more joyful connections with one another and with themselves. She has a special interest in helping individuals who feel stuck in their relationships and/or have partners who don’t want to join them in couple coaching. In 2010, Karin earned her PhD. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco and has completed a number of post-graduate courses and certifications to supplement her work, such as in hypnosis, sex and intimacy, a coaching program, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and more. In her free time she enjoys hiking, gardening, and singing in an 80’s girl-wave cover band.

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