93. Getting to YOUR Yes-Filled Life

Season #4

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In this podcast episode, host Brenda Winkle introduces the concept of a "yes-filled life" and shares ways to achieve it. She discusses the power of imagination and encourages listeners to complete the sentence "Wouldn't it be fun if..." to tap into their desires and dreams. Brenda also explores the science behind mirror neurons and how positive emotions can attract positive experiences. She emphasizes the importance of surrendering control and finding balance between control and joy. Additionally, Brenda highlights the significance of taking care of our physical bodies for overall well-being. She offers a free masterclass and breathwork experiences in the "Yes to Me" challenge to help listeners further explore these topics and improve their lives.


Here are the takeaways...

  1. Try to complete the sentence "Wouldn't it be fun if..." and see how that feels
  2. Explanation of mirror neurons and their role in attracting positive experiences
  3. The importance of surrendering control and allowing things to unfold naturally
  4. Balancing control and joy in life
  5. Three suggestions to move closer to a yes filled life: admitting desires, having more fun, and taking care of physical bodies
  6. Offer of a free masterclass and breathwork experiences in the "Yes to Me" challenge https://www.brendawinkle.com/yestome 
  7. Benefits of participating in the challenge: understanding desires and boundaries, overcoming people-pleasing tendencies, and effective communication
  8. Simplifying boundary-setting for a more fulfilling life.


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