97. Lucas Root on Empowering Women and Building Strong Communities

Season #4

Try breathwork free: https://www.brendawinkle.com/breathe In this podcast episode, Brenda Winkle and Lucas Root discuss their experiences and challenges when leaving their corporate careers. They share personal stories and insights on boundaries, freedom, and pursuing their passions. They also discuss the importance of empowering women, achieving gender parity, and building strong communities. Lucas introduces the concept of the six elements of community: language, purpose, projects, and value. They touch on the financial burden of raising children and the loneliness epidemic. They also explore the use of technology in their creative processes and the importance of understanding and utilizing these tools. 

Here are the takeaways...

  1. Leaving corporate careers to pursue fulfilling work feels like freedom
  2. You are selling all the time whether you realize it or not. Consider the ways you "sell" your loved ones on things. In Lucas' example, he mentioned selling your kids on not running in the street. If you have a fear of sales, realizing the ways you are already selling can be supportive. 
  3. A study by McKinsey revealed that only 5% of C-Suite executives are women. If this could change, and we achieved gender parity, it would infuse the global economy with $28 (updated) Trillion based on the stats provided by that study linked here.
  4. Elements of community:
    1. Language - Inside stories, the way we shake hands, our words, the ways we dress
    2. Purpose - Security is often the primary purpose of community but our communities can focus on much more granular issues. The more granular, the better. 
    3. Projects - A time-bound activity with a deliverable at the end. Examples Lucas provided included meeting friends for coffee on a Saturday morning. It has to be planned and has to be in pursuit of the purpose and have a deliverable.
    4. Value - Shared value: the value you receive and the value you contribute. That could be hugs and friendly faces. It could also considered an energy exchange rather than a direct reciprocity. 
    5. Social Contract - the rules we choose to live by while we are in community
    6. Heart (no exact word in English) - the sharing and receiving of care and pride as it pertains to the work you do with and for the community
  5.  It's no secret that raising children comes with a financial burden. Building community to help you raise your children is way to create the village of "it takes a village".
  6. There is a loneliness epidemic. Human connection is critically important. Invitation to consider how you can create a community with the people around you. Can you ask for help? Can you offer help? Lucas said, love your neighbors and you never know what will happen.
  7. Use technology to enhance creative processes. We also talked about the potential risks and benefits of AI. Chat GPT is essentially a calculator predicting outcomes for words. The most important thing to do is to use it, try it or risk being left behind. 
  8. You can easily enhance creativity by playing with children and finding ways to have fun.
  9. Ways to access joy and reprogram oneself for a positive mindset

About Lucas Root 

Lucas Root is a technologist, community builder, and leadership coach with a passion for using technology to improve the world. As a leading expert in artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform society, Lucas is dedicated to leveraging technology to build stronger, more inclusive communities.

With a career spanning various industries including technology, finance, and retail, Lucas has held senior positions at several Fortune 100 companies, developing and implementing strategies for using technology to achieve business goals. As the founder and CEO of several successful businesses, including the SGIC Consulting Firm, Lucas has proven his ability to lead and innovate.

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Podcast: The Elements of Community 

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