94. The most powerful tool for leaders: emotional intelligence and cultural heritage with Aaliyah Mora-Khan

Season #4

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During this podcast episode, Brenda interviews Aaliyah Mora-Khan, who specializes in helping leaders with their emotional intelligence and cultural heritage. They discuss Aaliyah's work in guiding individuals through their inner landscape and navigating discomfort to create positive change. They explore topics such as self-discovery, trauma, cultural identity, and the importance of being witnessed in the process. They also touch on the concept of displacement, permission to shine, and the connection between our cultural heritage and embodied emotional intelligence. Aaliyah shares insights on co-regulation, embodiment, intuition, and the importance of boundaries. 

Here are the takeaways...

  1. Leadership comes from within and starts with self-leadership. It means developing an emotional intelligence and not only embracing your cultural heritage, but celebrating the heritage of those you lead.
  2. Connection to others starts inward and then moves outward. You are responsible for yourself as an individual, and also responsible for understanding what your responsibility is to the collective (your community, your town, the library you joined, your online community.) It's worth asking, "How am I contributing?" Being a part of a community and being witnessed is incredibly healing. 
  3. Exploring the inner landscape often means navigating discomfort and being willing to be vulnerable. When we heal in community and in relationships. 
  4. Embodied emotional intelligence is the encoding of our bodies that holds the stories we've lived. Our bodies store not only our story but the stories of the people around us and people in our past. 
  5. Boundaries are a very important part of leadership. Boundaries can be absolutely open (too porous), or absolutely closed (too rigid) and we might find ourselves at either end at times. What we are learning is balance. 

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