91. Joy as Justice with Tanmeet Sethi, MD

Season #4

In this podcast episode, Brenda interviews Tanmeet Sethi who shares her journey from being an activist and integrative physician to becoming an integrative and psychedelic medicine physician. They discuss the importance of joy, embodiment, and reclaiming cultural wisdom in mental wellness. Tanmeet talks about her recently released book, "Joy is My Justice," which explores how joy is accessible to all.

Tanmeet and Brenda also touch on topics such as micro-dosing psychedelics, serving marginalized communities, plant-based diets, mental health coaching, and the importance of gratitude and movement in daily routines. The conversation emphasizes the power of finding joy and purpose in the face of suffering and oppression, as well as promoting equity and anti-racism. 

About Tanmeet Sethi

Tanmeet is a board-certified Integrative Family Medicine physician and Clinical
Associate Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She has
spent the past 25 years working on the frontlines of the most marginalized
communities, as well as globally with victims of school shootings, survivors of
hurricanes, citizens impacted by police violence, and psychologists in Ukraine
under attack. Tanmeet has created entire Integrative medicine programs from
the ground up, including the first-ever fellowship in Washington state. Her
expertise is widely recognized in both local and national work which includes
leading programs on healing from trauma, thought-provoking presentations (to
both medical and non-medical organizations), and multiple articles and
textbook chapters on Integrative Medicine.

Here are the takeaways...

  1. Joy, embodiment, and reclaiming cultural wisdom are essential components of mental wellness. Tanmeet emphasizes the importance of finding joy in everyday life and reconnecting with our bodies. Tanmeet also emphasizes the significance of cultural wisdom, recognizing that different cultures have valuable insights and practices that can contribute to mental well-being.
  2. As an expert in psychedelic medicine, Tanmeet is well-versed in the safety considerations of microdosing psychedelics. She emphasizes the importance of responsible and informed use, highlighting the need for proper dosing, set, and setting. Tanmeet also advocates for working with trained professionals to ensure a safe and supportive experience.
  3. Tanmeet encourages ethical considerations when it comes to plant-based diets and meat consumption. She believes in the importance of mindful eating and making choices that align with our values and the well-being of animals and the environment. Tanmeet advocates for a balanced approach, recognizing that individual dietary needs and cultural practices may vary.
  4. There are concerns about the coaching industry. Coaching can be valuable but make sure your coaches have a solid foundation in what issues are actually mental health concerns and need to be referred out to a mental health provider, and that coaches are equipped to address the complex needs of their clients. Anti-racism training is crucial for coaches to create inclusive and equitable spaces for their clients.
  5. By finding joy and purpose, you can create positive change and contribute to a more equitable and just society.
  6. It's worth being intentional in amplifying marginalized voices and actively engaging in conversations about systemic racism and social justice. Collective action, no matter how small, can have a profound impact on creating a more inclusive and equitable world.

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