69. Get more of what you want

Season #3

Here are the takeaways...

  1. What you want is always about a feeling. Deconstructing the feeling you state you desire is the key to creating more of what you want, because you can find ways to feel the way you want to feel right now. 
  2. The universe is always expanding. Your desires are part of that expansion. That's why when you complete a goal, or get something you've really wanted you immediately think of the next thing you want to call in.
  3. There is a contraction before every expansion. That might be a moment of fear or uncertainty, it might be the sudden headache you get right before you go do something that feels big to you, or the way you get tummy trouble right before the big event. 
  4. When you are centered in your central channel - the energy centers or chakras that run up and down your spine it can create a little space between you and your emotions. This is a practice.




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