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3 ways to take on less emotions or moods from other people

Hosted by Brenda Winkle, The Energy Healer for High Performers

Are you tired of being a sponge for other people's emotions? It's time to reclaim your emotional freedom and unlock the secrets to shielding your superpowers! Join us for an exhilarating masterclass: "3 Ways to Take on Fewer Emotions and Moods from Other People."

Discover how to maintain your high-performance edge while preserving your inner peace and emotional well-being.


What You'll Learn:

  1. What's Yours/What's theirs: Dive into powerful techniques that will help you build emotional resilience and create a protective shield against external emotional influences. Learn how to maintain your focus, clarity, and composure even in the most challenging environments. It's time to take control of your emotional landscape and thrive amidst any storm!

  2. The Boundaried YES: Explore the art of setting empathic boundaries without compromising your compassion and understanding. Discover how to empathize with others while maintaining a healthy emotional distance. Find the balance between empathy and self-preservation, so you can support others without sacrificing your own emotional well-being. (This means... there's an end to people pleasing!)

  3. Full Capacity Living to find your Yes Filled life: Unleash the power of energy management to shield yourself from the emotional turbulence of others. Learn techniques to raise your own vibrational frequency, creating an energetic force field that repels negativity and keeps you grounded in your own emotional state. Feel invincible as you navigate any situation with grace and ease!

  4. We'll include a short breathwork session in the masterclass to leave you feeling confident, clear and capable to stop taking on emotions and moods from other people, whether that's your mom, you partner, your colleague or your kids. 

Why Join the Masterclass?

  • Elevate Your Performance: Maintain peak performance and focus by learning to filter out emotional distractions. Stop taking on the emotions from other people so you can make decisions from YOUR highest authority across all areas of your life and not because you're scared of making your mother mad.
  • Protect Your Emotional Well-being: Create a shield that preserves your inner peace and emotional balance.
  • Thrive in Challenging Environments: Develop resilience and emotional strength to navigate any situation.
  • Expand Your Empathy Skills: Learn how to set empathic boundaries and support others without being overwhelmed.
  • Join a High-Performing Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges of high performers and provide invaluable support and insights.

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Hey there! I'm Brenda!

I am the energy healer for high performers. 


 I've been in business since 2015.



WHAT I do:

My work supports you with  three pillars:

1. What's yours/what's mine - create energetic discernment to find your YES filled life. 

2. The Boundaried Yes - Say no to the good so you have the time, bandwidth and resources to say yes to the great.

3. Full Capacity Living - I support you in supercharging your energy, increasing your bandwidth, reducing stress and anxiety, improving overall wellbeing and health through energy healing.