FREE ONLINE Masterclass

Energetic Hygiene Masterclass

Hosted by Brenda Winkle, Trauma-informed coach and healer

Ever feel like this?


 You are absorbing energy around you? Taking on emotions and energy of people around you? And sometimes feeling drained? 


Your sensitivity feels a liability and you'd love to make it feel like it's your superpower? 


Criticism - even constructive feels really hard to take? So you try to avoid it by doing everything as perfectly as you can.


Ever been told you are too sensitive so you started to hold back your feelings? 


Ever find yourself people-pleasing? Knowing you're doing it, wishing you weren't, but doing it anyway?


Ever find yourself hustling for your worth? Doing more and more to feel like you are worth more?


Or maybe you feel like people don't listen to you or that communicating your ideas feels hard. So you hold yourself at a distance in friendships and in relationships to protect yourself.



What if......

Your sensitivity felt like a superpower

 It's possible when you create



This free masterclass will include support for you to:


1. Create energetic hygiene to prevent you from taking on other people's emotions or energy


2. Support to set boundaries with ease


3. Calm your nervous system with breathwork

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.

Hey there! I'm Brenda!

I am a coach and energy healer business that helps highly sensitive people, over-achievers, perfectionists, people pleasers, and empaths set boundaries, protect their energy, and heal their nervous systems. 

I've been in business since 2015.



WHAT I do:

I help people feel better!

I offer coaching and healing, courses, and group coaching and focus on supporting highly sensitive people, people pleasers, perfectionists, empaths, and overachievers.

WHY? Because there is a direct link between sensitivity, empathy and becoming a people-pleaser, overachieving, perfectionism... and hustling for your worth. 


WHY I do it:

I want to help people. You have something special that the world needs. The best way to heal the world is to help one person at a time find their purpose, passion, and peace. 


I have always been very sensitive, had big feelings, and could sense the emotions and energy of other people.


Not only am I sensitive, but I'm highly intuitive.  I knew what people wanted and needed. 

At some point, it became easier for me to focus on how other people felt because I was taking on so much of their emotions in my own body. 

I became a people-pleaser, an overachiever, and a perfectionist as a way to keep the people around me feeling good, so I felt good. 

That led me into multiple dysfunctional and abusive relationships. One day, I realized - enough is enough. I made the choice to value myself, my feelings, and my own wants and needs, and my healing began. 

It took me years to recover from PTSD and unhealthy thinking (and behavior) patterns.

THEN... I learned to claim my own sovereignty, to clean up my energy, and to value how I felt. That was when I experienced true and transformational healing. That healing led me to studying healing arts and the rest is history.


I help you increase your own happiness and say YES to the parts of you that matter most. 

My background

I have a master's degree in Educational Leadership, a BS in Music Education, and 26 years of experience in the elementary and choral music classroom. 

I became a healer and trained in the healing arts because I needed my own healing. I started my training in 2015 and opened this business in 2016.

I am a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, a trauma-informed Reiki Master, and Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner, an Advanced Clenndinning Practitioner and a certified oracle card reader.