I help intuitive women like you harness their natural gifts, learn about their energy in their second act so you can impact others, find your empowerment, and finally experience fulfillment and self-actualization you deserve.

You're in the right place if you...

  • You¬†are a gifted, intuitive, creative person who is ready to step into her second (third, fourth, or fifth) act.¬†
  • You¬†desire to understand and be deeply understood: by yourself, others, and¬†the world
  • You want to turn your¬†intuitive nature into a gift even if you've been told that it‚Äôs silly, weird, or that¬†you are being over-sensitive.
  • You are willing to let go of feeling bad and self-conscious¬†for wanting what¬†you want - even if you aren't sure how to let go.
  • You're¬†ready to remember who¬†you are and help others do the same because¬†you KNOW¬†you have a calling (even if you¬†aren't¬†sure exactly what it is).
  • You want to help others not suffer the way¬†you suffered
  • Whatever life phase you are in, you are ready to find your next chapter

 Hi! I'm Brenda Winkle

I guide sensitive, intuitive, and successful women towards self-actualization and personal empowerment by supporting them to heal their nervous system, set better boundaries, and understand energy so they say yes to the things that light them up and no to the things that don’t.


I’m one of very few healers and coaches with the knowledge, training and skill set to successfully blend the science of breathwork and somatic healing with of energy healing and spirituality. The result is a life-changing combination of intuitive access, increased nervous system capacity to stop people-pleasing, and a feeling of fulfillment.


I am the creator and host of the Yes Filled Life Podcast, a podcast globally rated in the top 5% of all podcasts.  

My mission

To guide you towards self-actualization and empowerment so you can live from YOUR full body Yes: Your Yes Filled Life.

I am¬†a certified advanced trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and somatic coach,¬† trauma-informed Reiki Master, and Advanced ThetaHealing¬ģ Practitioner and am certified and highly trained in multiple energy healing modalities that I offers in¬†my "Heal to the Yes" method.¬†

I am an empath, a highly sensitive person, and an intuitive. 

I was a music educator for 26 years and have a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership.  

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Rated in the top 5% of podcasts globally

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Second Chapter : This one's about you

Are you ready to show up for yourself the way you show up for everyone and everything else? 


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