90. Embracing Your Desires: Breaking Free from Society's Expectations with Lynn Min

Season #4

In this podcast episode, Lynn and Brenda have a deep conversation about embracing different aspects of oneself, including emotions, spirituality, and societal expectations. They discuss the challenges of owning and expressing one's true self, and the importance of integrating mental health and spirituality. Lynn shares her experiences as a therapist and her journey of breaking free from societal boxes. They also explore the concept of embodiment and the need to listen to the wisdom of the body, heart, and gut. The conversation touches on religion, sexuality, and the power of self-work and therapy. They emphasize the importance of finding mentors and support systems who can help us embrace our true selves.

About Lynn Min

Lynn Min is licensed in mental health counseling (NY) and  certified in: CBT, IFS, EFT, RTT, Hypnotherapy, Breathwork, Energy Healing, Chakra Alignment, Sound Healing. She says: 

"My promise to every person sitting in front of me is, “You. Make. Sense."

I help people make sense out of themselves through inner justice work, where by reconciling the stories of your past, your present emotions, and your dreams for the future, all the pieces of yourself can belong in profound self-love.  You’re your own healer.  You’re your own drug.  You’re the one you’ve been waiting for.    Combining brain-based psychology, the laws of energy and spirituality, the power of Breath and movement, and plant medicine, I journey with people in "divine therapy" (or deification) -  a process where we radically Presence our human parts to boldly embody divinity."    

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Website: https://lynnmin.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soulmattersllc/ 


Here are the takeaways...


  1. The path to the truest you is through embodiment and breaking free from societal limitations. Connect to the mind, heart, and gut for intuition and knowing by slowing down and listening to the wisdom of the body
  2. Pay attention to signs and messages from the universe. The universe is always talking to you.
  3. It's very important to find mentors and support systems to support us in embracing our true selves. Choose healers and therapists based on intuition and connection.

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