86. Better Sleep for the Whole Family with Lucia Oliveria

Season #4

Lucia Oliveira is a sleep coach and breathwork facilitator who has a passion for helping moms find their wellbeing while navigating motherhood. With years of experience in studying and researching the importance of sleep and breathwork, Lucia has helped numerous moms improve their family's sleep and reduce stress through breathwork techniques.


As a mother herself, Lucia understands the challenges that come with balancing the demands of motherhood and personal well-being. With a holistic and personalized approach, she is dedicated to supporting other moms on their wellness journey by providing tailored sleep coaching and breathwork guidance. Her focus is on promoting sustainable habits and long-term health so that her clients can enjoy a happier, healthier life for themselves and their families.


Whether you're a new mom struggling to get enough sleep or a seasoned parent looking to prioritize self-care, Lucia is here to help. With her expertise in sleep and breathwork, she can help you achieve your wellness goals and create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Here are the takeaways...

  1. Babies and kids feel your emotions including your stress. If you feel overwhelmed, so will your child. The better you take care of yourself as a mom, the more you can respond to your child in a positive and effective way. Taking the time to regulate how you feel is the least selfish thing you can do as a mom. 
  2.  Breathwork - even simple breath awareness paying attention to your breath - can be very helpful. Just the awareness itself can allow you to calm down, get present, and reduce the stress in your body. It shifts your energy almost immediately. The vibration of your voice with an aw or a sigh can help relax you a little more. 
  3. If you are feeling overwhelmed, sleep deprived, sad, depressed or stressed... its ok to ask for help. In fact, it's vitally important. You don't have to do this alone.
  4.  Boundaries and consistency are an essential part of developing good sleep habits for your child. Sleep isn't linear in children, and some milestones may cause sleep regressions. But developing consistency and creating a predictable sleep routine will help support you and your child in creating good sleep habits. 
  5. Setting a sleep foundation at an early age is ideal. It's never too late to begin to set those foundations. Consistency is key. And following through on the boundaries you've set is vitally important. 
  6. Follow through on boundaries might look like staying consistent in how you respond to your child. Lucia's example was a child that comes into your room in the middle of the night. Being consistent in how you respond will be very important in developing a successful routine. There isn't a right way... if you enjoy your child climbing into bed, that's fine. But if you want something different, being consistent is a key to your success. 
  7. The OK to wake up clock by Hatch is the clock Lucia mentioned. Here is a link to find that. (This is an affiliate link. I may receive financial compensation as a result of your purchase) The better your child sleeps, the better everyone in the family will sleep. 
  8.  For older children, have conversation and communication around what your expectations are. Toddlers and preschoolers are developmentally able to have these conversations. Give them choices like what pajamas to wear, or what color the ok to wake up clock is. Be consistent and create a routine. Know that it might take 3 weeks to implement a new routine. Nothing will change until or unless you implement things to change. 
  9.  When parents take turns at bedtime, be sure you are on the same page with your co-parent. Be intentional about sending the same message. You don't have to do things exactly the same way as the other parent, but the overall message and response to the children needs to be the same regardless of who is putting the kids to bed.
  10.  Our kids need to feel the range of emotions. One way we can support our children is to help them understand that hearing "no" is a part of life and that the no's lead to Yes's. It is stressful to have our children be upset at us, but it's important for them to learn how to hear a no so they don't become boundary violators if they have never heard or been asked to respect a "no".

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