85. Are you holding yourself back from what you want?

Season #4

There are a lot of reasons people hold themselves back from what they really want. Sometimes we know we do this, and sometimes we don't. This episode will discuss the indicators you might be holding yourself back from what you really want along with how to shift this.

Here are the takeaways....


  1. There are several reasons you might be holding yourself back from what you really want: Fear of failure, Fear of success, Fear of what other people will say or think, Fear you can’t handle it, Fear of having to change if you get what you want, Fear of relationships shifting if you get what you want
  2. Signs you might be holding yourself back from what you want include: complaining, spending time doing things that don’t move the needle (dusting off product, revamping your website for the third time), numbing, blaming others for your situation or circumstances
  3. Breathwork or other somatic healing is a way to heal
  4. Tapping into your intuition and inner wisdom can be very supportive in determining what to do next
  5. Make feeling good your number-one priority 
  6. There are five things I've discovered from this 
    1. We think we stay safe by NOT following our intuitive nudges, the repeating thoughts. 
    2. We make excuses and tell ourselves stories about why this isn’t the right time or place 
    3. We keep delaying joy because we tell ourselves it’s easier that way.. But is it??? 
    4. We think that what other people say or think matters but the truth is - the people who love us most want us to be happy and the minute they see us happy, they start to put down their resistance 
    5. You INCREASE your productivity, creativity, abundance and intuition when you tap into and allow joy

7. The ONLY thing that really matters is that you prioritize feeling good. Do what lights you up, brings you joy, and feels fun. It might not seem like it matters to the other things in your life because it’s not related to them…. But energy has no walls. If you are happy and joyful (energy-rich) it transfers to EVERY area in your life. You become the magnet for everything you desire simply because you are feeling good,

8. You are someone who values relationships. Values integrity and wants to be of service to the world. The most impactful way you can increase your capacity to serve if by tending to your own alignment and prioritizing the things that make you feel good.


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