65. Sacred Paths to Motherhood with Meghan Thomas - Motherhood Series

Season #3


Meghan Thomas is a coach, breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher, and fertility coach. You can think of me as your emotional guide 

She believes that we can only be connected to others as deeply as we are to ourselves.

And it ALL starts with our emotions. We have to be able to name and identify what we are feeling to begin the healing process and the process of releasing emotions from the body. 

Because what she knows for sure is that trauma and emotions get stuck in the body if we don't release them. And we definitely don't want that!

Here are the takeaways...


  1. There is always a contraction before the expansion. It requires a conscious choice to move through it. The first part of every journey is having enough courage to show up: to get on the plane, to sign up for a coach, to attend the retreat, to sign up for the class, whatever it might be. It gets easier the more you live at the edge of your comfort zone because the feedback loop gets shorter.
  2.  The messages and sensations of hitting a limit come from different places whether it's in your body or your mind. No one is immune to the sensation of hitting a limit. Offering yourself immense compassion is a great way to allow these limits to exist and not stop you.
  3. We put people on pedestals and sometimes we allow them to supersede our own knowing. Tuning back into our inner knowing, listening to the sentences and information that drop in can be literally life-saving.
  4.  When you have the moment and thought "enough is enough" the magic happens. Be willing to listen and watch for the signs. The teacher appears, the book falls off the shelf, and someone will enter your life.
  5. Question everything. It can be the way you can receive medical help and stay in your own power. The medical profession is a practice, and there is a reason it's called that. Give yourself permission to stop and ask questions. Ask yourself, is this the right more for me? 
  6. Any of these challenging moments in life can be opportunities for our biggest growth if we let it by giving those challenges space.
  7. We are all so much alike than we are different.
  8. There is often a veil of secrecy around our cycles as women.  It's common to feel really alone. Finding someone you can talk to can be really helpful.
  9. Every path to motherhood is sacred. 
  10. You can't define the how, just take the next step in front of you. What is meant for you will never miss you.
  11.  There is an arrival fallacy when people decide to wait to be happy until.... (x,y,z) is a way to lose out on your life. Be happy now.


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