A curated mentorship experience for for people ready to turn their sensitivity into their greatest superpower.


Perfect for highly sensitive people, empaths, overachievers, perfectionists, and people-pleasers.


Discover how to stop pretending things don't bother you while stuffing down big feelings, how to listen to those little nudges from your intuition, and expand your intuitive abilities.


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Does this sound familiar? 

You know you are absorbing energy from other people, taking on their emotions as your own, but you don't know how to stop. 

You know that you are more sensitive than other people. You've probably heard someone say you're too sensitive. 

You're ready to release perfectionism but it feels so uncomfortable when you try that you find yourself either hiding your work or exhausted from performing it all. Perfectly.  

You know you don't want to keep people pleasing but there are situations where it seems impossible to stop. Then the negative self-talk starts.




Can you imagine what life would feel like if...

You knew with certainty that your sensitivity is a superpower and not a liability. 

You felt safe to release perfectionism so you could allow yourself show up and be seen. 

People-pleasing is a thing of the past.

Your intuition is SPOT ON and guides you easily - and successfully- through your life. 


It's possible!! 

Introducing Ignite.

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You already know you are meant for more


Life is meant to be easy and fun. 

Ignite your purpose and your passion. Ignite the life you've longed for. 

After this program, you will....

  • Feel the freedom and confidence to live life on your terms
  • Stop people pleasing and start living
  • Learn to trust your intuition 
  • Know how to prevent your energy from merging with other people's
  • Stop taking on the emotions/energy of the people around you
  • Somatically heal the parts of you that have been playing small
  • Deepen your spirituality & connect with your inner self

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Ignite Coaching Experience

This is the transformation you've been searching for. 

You'll feel freedom and expansion so you can live the life you REALLY want to live. You'll be so excited about what you're doing it won't matter what the other people think. How great would THAT feel? 


We begin April 2023. 

Calls are held on bi-monthly onTuesdays at 5 - 6:30 pm PST April - September 2023. Calls are recorded and replays are available.

I'm Brenda.

I'm just like you: a highly sensitive person, an empath and a recovering people-pleaser, recovering over-achiever, and recovering perfectionist.

Ignite is the ONLY coaching experience led by someone like me and like you... FOR someone like me and like you. 

Here's how I'll support you. I'm an intuitive, trained as a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, a trauma-informed Reiki Master, and Advanced ThetaHealing Practitioner. I've earned my Masters of Educational Leadership and have been in business since 2015 focusing on leading highly sensitive people, empaths, people-pleasers, perfectionists and over-achievers to happier and more fulfilled lives. 

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Limited to 20 Spots

Ignite has 8 componenets 

  1. 12- group calls with content and hot seats (replays available)
  2. 3- 1:1 sessions with Brenda
  3. Voxer Group with support from Brenda and the Ignite Community
  4. Facebook Community
  5. Weekly breathwork sessions
  6. 1/2 Day virtual retreat in late summer 2023
  7. 3-day retreat in person (dates and location TBD)
  8. Access to Yes Academy - Brenda's signature course 

Get ready for real transformation. 

 You'll feel EXPANSION and FREEDOM in a way you've longed for your whole life so you can FINALLY live the life of your dreams.

  •  Embrace your own power.
  • Grow, understand, and trust your intuition.
  • Learn to protect and expand your energy and how to do heart-centered work without taking on the energy of those around you.
  • Expand your spiritual gifts.
  • Find your alignment where your inner self agrees with your physical self.
  • Stop hiding and come out to play! Get your message out.


Ignite your purpose and your passion. Ignite the life you've longed for. 

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Limited to 20 spots