Do you feel stuck on the hamster wheel?


Like you’re really good at what you do, but every day is the same. You want more and know you’re made for more. 
You've been playing small and you know it.
You intuivitely know things you can’t explain, but don’t understand how.  
You are highly sensitive.
You are seeking solace and healing.
Hear things, see things, sense things you know other people don’t notice the way you do. It feels isolating and you end up hiding a lot of who you really are.
You need some tools and strategies to get out of and away from negativity.
You want to learn how to protect your energy and stop taking on the energy of the people around you.
You want a mental shift in how you approach everyday life.
What people think and say has taken priority over what you want. And you're ready for that to shift.
You want a safe and loving space to grow and feel safe from judgment or from being told there's something wrong with you.
And you feel called to step into the next phase of your life but there’s always something holding you back from doing that thing you deeply want. Leaving the relationship, starting the business, taking the class, and recording the podcast. All that fear and a nagging question... "who am I to do this thing?"
Sound like you?
I can help.

Get ready for real transformation. 

 You'll feel EXPANSION and FREEDOM in a way you've longed for your whole life so you can FINALLY live the life of your dreams.


Embrace your own power.


Grow, understand and trust your intuition.


Learn to protect and expand your energy and how to do heart-centered work without taking on the energy of those around you.


Expand your spiritual gifts.


Find your alignment where your inner self agrees with your physical self.

Learn practical skills like building landing pages, opt-ins, launch strategy and where to find your clients.

Stop hiding and come out to play! Get your message out.


Ignite your purpose and your passion. Ignite the life you've longed for. 

 After this program, you will....

  • Feel the freedom to live life on your terms
  • Have the confidence to create a life you love
  • Stop people pleasing and start living
  • Lean into your intuition and inner knowing with complete trust
  • Know how to protect your energy and stop taking on the emotions/energy of the people around you
  • Unleash your creativity 
  • Feel expansive and a sense of adventure
  • Live a life so fun you won't need vacations
  • LIberate yourself to finally do the things you want to do



Ignite is a coaching program with 7 components

What you'll get:

  1. 12 groups coaching calls - feel supported and connected in a beautiful community of women on the same journey you are on. These people will likely become some of your closest friends. Calls take place from mid-September through mid-November.
  2. 3 - 1:1 60-minute coaching calls - get the support, accountability and private coaching you crave. Schedule at your convenience anytime between mid-September 2022 and February 2023.
  3. 1 VIP voxer day - send voice notes back and forth with Brenda using a fun voice app similar to Marco Polo. Scheduled at your convenience anytime between mid-September 2022 and February 2023.
  4. 1/2 day virtual retreat in late fall 2022 (date TBD) - we have a lineup of incredible guest teachers!
  5. 2-day in-person retreat in Jan/Feb (date and location TBD) that includes breathwork, meditation, transformation, community, connection, and expansion
  6. Yes Academy - 8 week signature course - Begins early January 2023.
  7. Two breathwork sessions (Brenda will be a certified breathwork facilitator by spring 2023)

***There are no refunds for ignite because it is a live coaching program. Ignite will work for you if you do the work, but it will not do the work for you. 

REGISTER by 9/9/2022

Program begins 9/12/22

You already know you are meant for more

Get in the flow.

Life is meant to be easy and fun. 


Say Yes to You... Ignite your future

Payment Plans

Ignite registration ends 9/9/12 

Coaching program begins 9/12/22

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