64. Shaping Healthy Kids with Caroline McGrath - Motherhood Series

Season #3

Here are the takeaways...

  1. Resentment and shame turn toxic in our bodies
  2. Your kids resonate off of your energy. That's why when you are calm, they are calm.
  3. When you are a mom it's easy to get triggered because your kids can be a lot like you. That can bring up things you haven't paid attention to.
  4. You are helping shape your kids, and they are also shaping you. It can be helpful to let them share what they see in YOU and be open to their suggestions to use coping skills. It's a way to open communication with your kids. Treating children of all ages as though they have something to offer is valuable modeling.
  5. Denying what your children are experiencing (I didn't do that!) is a form of gaslighting.
  6. If we as moms don't take care of ourselves, it's not good for anyone.
  7. Aligning with what you know to be true and listening to your own heart, or asking yourself, "What would feel so good?" is a way to live in high integrity. You know you are in alignment when you feel good.
  8.  Manifesting is feeling what it is that you want before you see evidence of it.

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