82. Empowering Women in Venture Capital: Embracing Self-Compassion and Embodying Success with Caitlin Nochajski

Season #3

Caitlin Nochajski is certified as a Mind Rebel Coach and also holds two Master's Degrees in Social Work and Business Administration from the University at Buffalo. She is a unique voice in the Social Enterprise world and feels passionately that when we create businesses where both profit and social impact are maximized, we change the world. Caitlin lives in Winston Salem, North Carolina with her high school sweetheart and their three uniquely wonderful children. Caitlin's core values are connection, space, vitality, justice, and truth. She loves helping women see their potential, spending time with her people, walking in nature, and cozy moments with coffee and a warm blanket.

Caitlin is the co-host of The Not Tonight Project, which Brenda's guested on. You can listen to that episode here


Here are the takeaways...

  1.  The gendered messages that men and women receive as children are very different. Those identifying as boys/men are told that "the world is your oyster and you can do anything". Those identifying as girls/women are told to "stay in your lane, don't be too much, don't be too loud". The story you believe has a huge impact on how you perceive your ability to lead and what you are capable of. It's time to change the messaging so that we ALL know that we have the ability to accomplish great things.
  2.  The impact of gendered messaging around what one can do shows up as early as third grade. Those identifying as girls stop raising their hands as often, stop using their voices in the classroom at the same rate as those identifying as boys. There isn't one reason for this, there are many reasons. 
  3. This impacts our society in measurable ways. For example, the United States has still never had a woman president. The pay gap remains at $.70 - .80 on the dollar for women compared to men. 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs are men and 98% of venture capital funds go to men according to a 2022 statistic. 
  4.  Venture capitalism includes people who invest in new ventures or new businesses. It's funding to get things off of the ground. Funds are provided in exchange for a percentage of interest in the company, co-ownership, or repayment over time. Because 98% of venture capital funds go to men, this becomes another glass ceiling for women. In a nutshell, venture capital reduces the risk. It increases the ability to become an entrepreneur and make your own fortune.
  5.  Empowering women empowers us all. When women come into their own power and wealth, they lift up other people. Bringing women together results in a collective rise.
  6.  "Try harder and you can overcome" is a lie that the patriarchy tells us. There is a cognitive load that is often not given credit in our distributed work roles. It's important to also give ourselves credit for the things that don't end up in your day planner like dressing kids or planning meals. There are things that take time, energy and bandwidth that we are often not given credit for - either by ourselves or by our partners, families, or colleagues.
  7. Waking up to the culture that you live in and the things that influence you is important. You are enough today, just as you are. You are whole, resourceful, and creative - and so is everyone else. There is nothing wrong with you if you rest.
  8. Check-in with yourself daily and hourly, and honor what you need right now. Trust and nurture yourself. Give yourself what you need. Everything in your life will improve when you do this. 
  9. Women aren't taught to consider their own needs or desires as sexual beings. Many women are taught that sexuality is a need for men, and that the woman's role is to fill that need. Sex is connection and should be a way for two people to connect in a way to connect mutually. 
  10. Your sexual satisfaction can improve significantly when you reframe the end goal as orgasm and penetrative sex, and put the focus on communicating and mutuality. When the focus is moved from the goal of penetrative sex and orgasm to connection, the end result might become more penetrative sex and more orgasms.

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