79. Tapping into your inner knowing

Season #3

Your Yes Filled Life begins with tuning into the intelligence centers in your body.

  1. Shine your heart up to the corner of the room where the ceiling meets the wall (or windshield meets the car roof) as a first step to your Yes Filled Life.
  2. You have three intelligence centers - your brain, your heart and your gut.
  3. Your heart communicates more slowly than your brain. This will require you to slow down to understand the wisdom being shared there.
  4. The lining of your stomach has similarities to the cells in your brain. 
  5. The phrase "trust your gut" is based on this wisdom.
  6. When we learn to trust all three intelligence centers; the brain, the heart, and the gut our Yes-Filled Life comes online.
  7.  The pacing of these three intelligence centers is very different. It will require you to slow down to really hear the messages coming to you

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