73. How to protect your energy

Season #3

This special bonus episode includes a portion of day 2 of the Yes to Me Experience.

Here are the takeaways...

  1. As a highly sensitive person or empath, the first thing to do is protect your energetic field by "zipping up" your energy so that you know what's yours and what belongs to the other person.
  2. Hydrate to elevate. Drink more water. You'll notice a big difference in how clearly you think and how you feel.
  3.  Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) filters unnecessary information so you don't get overwhelmed by all the input. Your RAS's job is to filter what's important. You can train your RAS by making decisions around what you want to see. Whatever you are paying attention to is what you'll see more of. 
  4. Put this into practice by choosing a sign to see. Try to make a sign that you'll believe but also make it believable. You can choose any sign you want. My favorites are blue butterflies, rainbows, ladybugs, and owls. Feel free to borrow one of those. If you play this game, DM me on Instagram to let me know how it went https://www.instagram.com/brendawinkle/. Invitation to set the intention "show me my sign I'm on the right track" and let go of the outcome.
  5.  Avoid controlling outcomes by giving the universe a chance and be open to what you want OR better.
  6. Think of money as your friend, and treat it the way you would treat a friend.


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