72. The MOST important thing you'll do today

Season #3

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Here are the takeaways...


  1. Your brain creates pathways that can become like ruts in the mud. Creating change takes time and is best supported by somatic healing like breathwork or reiki.
  2. There's no such thing as a bad mood. Mood isn't an emotion, it's a series of negative or bad thoughts.
  3. First come thoughts, then come feelings. Notice your feelings and get curious about what you are thinking. You can't change your first thought, but you can choose your next thoughts.
  4. Expanding nervous system capacity increases your ability to deal with daily stressors and triggers and stay calm. You can do this through breathwork and ThetaHealing® Meditation Technique. 
  5. Heart hug and breathwork are great ways to increase capacity and to calm down.
  6. The zombie scroll on social media, emotional eating, and drinking to numb are examples of hitting your nervous system capacity. 
  7. When you feel good, it's an indication you are in the flow. When you experience a negative emotion it's a sign you are out of flow. 
  8. Find a way every single way to do something that feels good. Light a candle, take a walk, play with a furbaby, do something you love. 


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