62. Power of Your Heart with Dr. Uzma Naeem - Motherhood Series

Season #3

Dr. Uzma Naaem is an OBGYN, Reiki Healer and Lightworker. She is an OB practitioner and online educator. She strives to provide excellent Ob and Gyn care. She has also learned and encourages integrative and alternative methods of healing. Uzma is not only a practicing OBGYN but is a mom of three.


Here are the takeaways...

  1.  You don't have to make yourself available to everyone all the time. You can make yourself so much more available if you take the time to recharge.  Your brain needs time to rest, heal, and wire experiences.
  2.  We all have free will. Remembering that you have the opportunity to honor your free will and that of the other person. It's possible for you to hold space for your own experience while honoring the experience of other people. 
  3.  Being open to the miracles around you can help you realize there's something out there bigger than you.
  4.  Slowing your breathing, inhaling and exhaling really slowly with a focus on the heart increases your electromagnetic field and creates a brain/heart connection. More than 400 research studies verify this.
  5. Your emotions have a measurable impact on your physical health. Feeling an angry feeling for 5 minutes causes a significant drop in your IGA (an immunoglobulin that is part of your immune system) in saliva that lasted 6 hours. Feeling a happy feeling for 5 minutes created an elevation over the next 6 hours. The choice is always yours.
  6.  Having the courage to take an antidepressant when you need one changes your epigenetics. You are creating DNA protein in your body that promotes resilience and works against depression. Taking that nurture to your child helps them as well. 
  7.  The heart carries memories as well and has almost as complex of a system as the brain. Your SSRI (antidepressant) - especially for new moms - you don't have the same number of neurotransmitters in the brain. Giving yourself more neurotransmitters during this time of significant change is a way to help be loving to yourself. Dr. Uzma Naeem says to ask, "is this loving to myself" as the most important question to ask. 
  8. If we want to help our children stay in their bodies and feel all the emotions so they can self-regulate themselves, we have to be willing to do the same and allow ourselves the full range of emotions. 
  9.  Taking care of yourself as a mom is the most impactful way you can positively impact your children. 
  10. Saying "You're having a big feeling" to your kids it can give them space to feel safe in their feeling.
  11. Self-regulation is a practice. Adding it to your everyday life can help to shorten your feedback loop, making it possible for you to come back to feeling regulated faster each time.

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